Drug money funds voter fraud in Kentucky (+video)

Voter fraud has a shocking new meaning in eastern Kentucky.

That is where in some cases, major cocaine and marijuana dealers admitted to buying votes to steal elections, and the result is the corruption of American democracy. The government continues to mete out justice in the scandal, as two people convicted in April in a vote-buying case face sentencing this week, and another public official pleaded guilty Tuesday to conspiracy.

“We believe that drug money did buy votes,” Kerry B. Harvey, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Kentucky, said of a separate vote-buying case.

He described a stunning vote-buying scheme that includes “very extensive, organized criminal activity, involving hundreds of thousands of dollars, and in many cases that involves drug money.”

Harvey has led a recent string of federal prosecutions exposing the widespread and accepted practice of vote buying in eastern Kentucky. The soft-spoken federal prosecutor, along with his team and state authorities, are waging a battle against what he characterizes as a vote-buying culture embedded in many of the communities for generations.

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View the video reporting on the cocaine-vote buying outrage here:


Photo credit: Vishnu Balunsat

  • tom schwander

    Those Americans that are using/buying those drugs should realize that oin doing so are selling out the country, by funding those druglords in Mexico & South America and allowing them to further corrupt the USA. The story above is just one more method they are using to do so.

  • slehar

    Well? Tell us the REST of the story! Who did they buy, and what policies did they support? Lemme guess… continue the Drug War?

    Didn’t we-all go through this whole prohibition thing already? But I guess we-all collectively forgot. Here we go all over again!

  • jimbo999

    Let me get this straight. You give me $100.00 to vote for Joe Blow, then I go into the private voting booth and vote for Pete Jones. And I’m the ignorant one?

    You can give me all the money want to. I’ll still vote for MY choice. The only way they can find out is if Joe Blow doesn’t get ANY votes.

    So Democrats and Republicans both did it. Lets face facts here, dopers vote for Democrats.

    This is Kentucky after all.

  • CSN

    So, someone gives Mr. A some drugs for a vote?

  • CSN

    I wouldn’t doubt if this goes on in Multnomah County. People standing on street corners in the most derelict part of town to get people to sign up and vote…sometimes just a drink at the local bar will give them a vote on skid row.

  • I suspected long ago someone on the inside at the top in our own government was actually part of the drug trade problem. All that has been happening is just reaffirming my suspicions. Why the so called conservatives in Congress arent stopping this makes me doubly suspicious.