“Extraordinary reversal of military policy”: Service members permitted to march in uniform in gay pride parade

In what appears to be an extraordinary reversal of military policy, members of the U.S. armed forces say they have been given permission by their commanding officers to march in a “gay pride” parade Saturday – while wearing their service-issued uniforms.

Meanwhile, one of the top officers who approved the decision has since entered retirement.

The top echelons of the U.S. Air Force approved a request by a senior recruiter based in Arizona to join “a uniformed, active-duty military contingent” in a San Diego homosexual pride event, the San Diego Union Tribune reported.

The decision breaks down generations of tight limits on when and where a service member is allowed to appear in uniform, and appears to stray from the Department of Defense regulations on the use of uniforms, dated 2005 and signed by Defense Undersecretary David S.C. Chu, which says using the U.S. military uniform is prohibited in a number of scenarios.

Those include “in connection with furthering political activities, private employment or commercial interests, when an inference of official sponsorship of the activity or interest may be drawn.”

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Photo credit: K-Dubbz

  • Joanne Edmiston

    Aw…ain’t it a shame, the way O’Liar. Panetta, and all, have so abased and shamed the now P.C armed services ??
    Well, NASTY ON THE JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF for NOT putting their collective size 12s immediately up O’Liar’s arse the very first time he attempted to remake our military services into something “acceptable” to him and his low-grade tastes..
    There’s an old Hebrew expression which states “A Fish Stinks from the Head First”…roughly translated….Look to the leadership for the stench and rot”…..too true about BOTH O’Liar and The Joint Chiefs !!

  • marineh2ominer

    Our political and military leadership are nothing but pure evil slime , we have NO ONE in charge with the courage to set things straight . Since America is already morally dead , I will from this day forward root and pray for whatever enemy troops oppose our own cowards . From here on out I will feel the way about our KIA’s as those midwestern baptists feel about them and if it were local I would attend that church .