Huge US Defense Contractor Illegally Helped China Produce Advanced Attack Helicopter

The Canadian arm of the aircraft engine manufacturer Pratt and Whitney closed a six-year U.S. government probe last week by admitting that it helped China produce its first modern attack helicopter, a serious violation of U.S. export laws that drew a multimillion dollar fine.

At the same time it was helping China, the company was separately earning huge fees from contracts with the Pentagon, including some in which it was building weapons meant to ensure that America can maintain decisive military superiority over China’s rising military might.

The Chinese helicopter that benefited from Pratt’s engines and related computer software, now in production, comes outfitted with 30 mm cannons, anti-tank guided missiles, air-to-air missiles and unguided rockets. “This case is a clear example of how the illegal export of sensitive technology reduces the advantages our military currently possesses,” Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director John Morton said in a statement released on June 28.

The events are once again raising questions about the circumstances under which major defense contractors might be barred from government work. Independent watchdogs have long complained that few such firms have been barred or suspended, even for egregious lawbreaking, such as supplying armaments or related equipment to a hypothetical adversary.

Nothing in the settlement agreement, in which Pratt and Whitney and two related companies, United Technologies and Hamilton Sundstrand agreed to pay a total of $75 million for multiple violations of export rules, directly threatens Pratt’s existing or future government contracting.

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Photo credit: ebrkut

  • CSN

    During the Communist take-over of China, between 40-70,000,000 people lost their lives. They were either executed or starved to death. Now we give them information on how to build stealth military fighter helicopters, and that way we pump up the war machine bureaucrats who want to keep the Military Industrial Complex over-employed, while at the same time, endangering our own Military and our country. Throw them all out, and let’s start over again. What a huge mess, between Tyranny, Treason and destruction of our Nation’s Sovereignty, we have a “Red Herring” in the White House, in the House and in the Senate. The Pentagon houses WHAT????? Look at what is in the center of the Pentagon…..a Pentagram which all the cute Masonic symbols. We’ve created a Monster.

  • Donald Berrian

    During WWII, ITT spied for both sides and built hardware for both sides. This sort of behavior by multinationals isn’t new. Check out “the sovereign state the secret history of itt”