Lawsuit forces Obama to reveal Michelle’s $83,000 luxury skiing weekend

A February 2012 ski trip enjoyed by first lady Michelle Obama and her two daughters cost taxpayers at least $83,000, according to records obtained by Judicial Watch.

The total cost of the President’s Day weekend getaway was at least $83,182.99. The largest expense was $48,950.38 for Secret Service protection, which included accommodations at the Fasching Haus deluxe condominium and the Inn at Aspen.

The cost of transportation was also hefty. Using official Department of Defense hourly rates, Judicial Watch estimated that the flights cost $22,583.70. This didn’t include in-flight purchases costing $235.44. The cost of rental cars was $6,442.23.

Judicial Watch received the records after filing a May 31 lawsuit against the U.S. Air Force and Secret Service.

“No wonder we had to file a lawsuit in federal court and wait six months to get basic information on Michelle Obama’s luxury Aspen vacation,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The costs of the Obama family ski weekend are staggering. These high-priced luxury vacations, and the lack of transparency about them, are beginning to seem like an abuse of office.”

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  • Harold

    No surprise here, thats the culture of these types, who will take advantage of all the Ameerican people, because they feel that it is owed to them. What a bunch worthless leeches.

  • Robert Courtney

    The Obama’s canceled their Martha’s Vineyard summer vacation. And this is why they did.
    IF Obama gets re-elected, there will be NO stopping Mooshells vacas with all her cronies along for the ride.
    $83,000 will be chump change.
    Watch and see.

  • Aristocracy dictators – ski and gold while America burns. Peace,

  • I owned my own business and all i could ever afford was take 10 days including weekends, this women is so selfish, to use tax payer money to go on 16 vacations in 3-1/2 years when tax payers have had to postpone vacations because of the economy. Selfish selfish selfish

    • Yes, but to be polically expedient, they make sure to call us on the right selfish-while it is THEM living that way. There has to be a term for that-maybe psychopath would fit. Why can’t she use her own 360k salary from her position as one of the 16 or 17 “vice” presidents of the hospital she worked for and vacation with that??????????

  • Ihatelibs

    These welfare mongers in the white house need to pay us back

  • reggiec

    The vacations are an extension of the entitlement ideology of the Marxist occupants of the White House. They are demonstrating, just on a larger scale, how our tax dollars can beused after they are confiscated then redistributed.

    • Isn’t is amazing how the left wants to call the rich sooooo “eeeevil” – yet those on top just loooove to live that way!
      Oh, yeah, so much for the MOST TRANSPARENT administration every… Getting info out of this DIP admin is nearly impossible. YES-LIARS ALL THE WAY. And they crucified Bush for so much less! LOL.

  • hard to comprehend the expense of a “vacation weekend” that would pay enough for families to stay in their homes, keep food on their tables, take a sick child to the doctor…all the regular life expenses families are going through after loosing jobs, being laid off, forclosures..etc…who can afford to take the kids on vacation, most families can’t afford a ticket to a movie these days…its like a slap in the face to the American public suffering right now, and I’m talking about all Americans, not just those on Fed assistance, but farmers, teachers, clerks, everyone is hurting right now. What right do our political leaders have to spend money so frugally, money we over pay them, while we the American public scape by.

  • marineh2ominer

    Thats okay , the few Americans still working pay enough of their incomes in taxes to easily handle this small expense . Just wait until their next four years .

  • GENE

    It is just amazing how the whole bunch of obama’s have forgotten that there is such a thing of telling the truth, but, they prefer nothing but lie telling and the hell with what the American people think. Wake up folks, if you want to really go down the tubes, re-elect this imposter and muslim participant in their killing this great country we live in, but with the traitor around another FOUR YEARS, pack you bags and find a country that obama has not killed.