Mark Levin: Obama reelection would be “national suicide”

Mark Levin describes the “pockets of tyranny in our own country” and makes the case for why an Obama reelection would result in the destruction of the nation.

Photo credit: markn3tel

  • Electing (true the vote) anyone except Dr. Ron Paul and constitutional conservatives is national suicide. Peace,

  • The something for nothing crowd will vote for ANYONE that promises to give them “free” stuff and the Democrats are very good at making promises and bad at keeping them.

    • Lev Neymotin

      The concept of “something for nothing” has a very powerful appeal to many, but it takes, unfortunately, real-life experience to realize that that “something” may (and will!) lead to LESS than “nothing”, with all the collateral losses taken into consideration…

      • YES! YES! YES! Lev, you are right! Thank you.

  • BarrySuxx

    Mark, You hit many Nails on their Heads in a short speech. And if you remember back during Barry’s Campaign Speech, he stated (paraphrased): “This Is The Most Powerful Country In The World; Help Me Change It.” It would appear that he has definitely kept his promise on this ‘One’ (and only) Promise. (Why would ANYone want to ‘Change’ something that is Already ‘The Best’?)(and WHY would anyone actually Vote for that kind of Marxist Baloney?)