More vote fraud opportunities: Washington first state to use Facebook for voter registration

Washington will become the first state to offer voter registration via Facebook with a new application to be launched as soon as next week, according to a state election official.

Once online, the app will be accessible on the secretary of state’s Facebook page, said Shane Hamlin, co-director of elections for the state.

Washington, which has approximately 3.7 million registered voters, conducts elections entirely by mail and enacted online registration in 2008. Since online registration started, Hamlin said close to 500,000 voter registrations or address changes have been processed.

Facebook, Washington state and Microsoft have teamed up to create an app that allows users to register on the social media site through the state’s new “MyVote” app. The effort came about last fall when Microsoft approached Washington state after Facebook contacted the software giant with the idea.

When Facebook users download the application, they will have to agree to allow Facebook to access their information, including name and date of birth, which is pre-filled into the voter registration form.

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Photo credit: Thos003

  • Joanne Edmiston

    Count on our Socialist neighbor to the South, Washington State, to lead the Obama charge into voter fraud in November….and isn’t it SO generous and nice of bleeding heart Liberal, guilty mega-billionaire, and Washington State benefactor to accommodate that effort !! Why, I suspect that Gates will, once again, only turn a modest profit while at the same time ‘cornering the market’ on the next bit of governmental idiocy…providing for the remote-voter apps.
    Another fine way for politicos to rig the systems, AND to also find out how each and every one stupid enough to use such a device voted….
    There goes our right to privacy down the drain….all because a few geeks couldn’t leave well enough alone. Show ’em a shiny new toy or an app and they are suddenly witless to the consequences.

  • marineh2ominer

    Washington state is no longer ( and probably never has been ) a part of the TRUE and REAL United States as laid out in the constitution .

  • Well, the ovomit administration was being usurped via cleaning up the illegally registered so they had to come up with a way for their illegal to vote.

  • Delores109

    Facebook should not be used for voter regisistration. George Soros has just invested millions and millions into Facebook. He will control the Registration. Sorry, George. One former Marine is carted off to a mental hospital for his Facebook Postings, and now you want to handle our Voter Registration. You are not trusted in 27 countries. and you expect the United States to be the 28th county to be stupid. You are very extremely TRANSPARENT.
    Delores Smith
    [email protected]