New Evidence of North Korea’s EMP weapon; now developing nuclear “super-EMP bombs”

Recent satellite navigation jamming by North Korea’s military near the demilitarized zone and a report in a Chinese journal are raising new fears that Pyongyang is developing electromagnetic pulse weapons.

A communist-owned monthly journal in Hong Kong reported last month that the GPS jamming of aircraft navigation systems that was traced to North Korea is part of asymmetric warfare capabilities of the reclusive communist state.

The Bauhinia journal article, by military commentator Li Daguang said the new capabilities threaten South Korea’s information and electronic warfare capabilities.

“North Korea has always planned to develop small-scale nuclear warheads,” the article said. “On this foundation, they could develop electromagnetic pulse (EMP) bombs in order to paralyze the weapons systems of the South Korean military — most of which involve electronic equipment — when necessary.”

In fact, Chinese analysts believe North Korea is working on small nuclear warheads that could produce “super-EMP bombs,” the report said. “Once North Korea achieves the actual war deployment of EMP weapons, the power of its special forces would doubtlessly be redoubled,” the report said.

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Photo credit: John Pavelka

  • Back in 2010, Joe Miller warned us about this. N. Korea is close to Alaska. If their people don’t starve to death first, they may unite with China against USA – if we are still standing after bowing down to Russia / Iran. God is moving – watch. Peace,

  • Joanne Edmiston

    ….and that insufferable Muslim miscreant ( okay, so he’s a FELON…), occupying the WH wants us to be scared of Iran and THEIR nuclear capability !!???
    Seems we need a trade-off position.
    Tell ‘ya what…encourage Israel to deal with the Iran “issue”….while we Americans NUKE all life forms in North Korea…

  • marineh2ominer

    I still believe Americas worse enemies are in Washington DC .