Obamacare comment by HHS Secretary Sebelius “mirrors Nazi Propaganda”

In a lively panel Thursday at the American Enterprise Institute, author Robert Zubrin compared Obamacare-related comments by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to Nazi propaganda.

Zubrin slammed Sebelius for promoting mandatory contraception coverage as a cost saving measure.

“In testimony in Congress, Kathleen Sebelius actually said that Obamacare would save money — save the nation a lot of money,” Zubrin said, “because it would distribute contraceptives and thus reduce the number of births.”

“The notion that by preventing children from being born we will save the nation money, this mirrors Nazi propaganda calling for euthanasia of ‘useless eaters’ because it would save us all money, it was an incredible statement,” he continued.

Zubrin, a fellow at the Center for Security Policy and a contributing editor for The New Atlantis, did not hold back in his stinging criticism of the “anti-humanist” movement during the event to discuss his new book “Merchants of Despair.”

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  • henryknox

    And…? I cannot see this as news. Anyone that is surprised by this must have been asleep. We know who these people are and we have seen it all before. The problem seems to be that people are not aware of the history of the last century. Once freedom is lost we may never see it again.

  • m123s

    Obamacare was hatched for a Dictator; the other Branches – HHS, and IRS. The suppoters are speechless because they actually thought We the People were in the “Land of Nod”. We will Right the ship.

  • Lemrob

    If abotions were legal when Mrs. Sebelius’s Mother was pregnant; she may not be here today. Why do they hate unborn babies so much?

  • bob

    only follower of satan want to kill unborn baby, so sick minded,,Judgement will come to them all..

  • Jerry Fogg

    Lets see Don Young supports a baby killer Democrat who also supports Obama Care, Is Don Young coming out of the Closet, Can”t wait to hear from his Office on this!

  • BOTH obama campaign’s (2008 and 2012) mirror “nazi propaganda”.
    obama, holder, carney, axelrod, gibbs, pelosi, reid, and the whole black-cacus mirror’s the nazi regime!