Russia’s Putin: US, the West is on the Decline

President Vladimir Putin said on Monday the West’s influence was waning as its economy declines but warned Russian diplomats to be on their guard against a backlash from Moscow’s former Cold War enemies.

In a biennial speech to Russian ambassadors, Putin also took a shot at the West by condemning any unilateral actions to solve international disputes and underlined the importance of resolving such conflicts through the United Nations.

His remarks suggested that Russia, a veto-wielding permanent member of the Security Council, would keep on defending ally Syria at the United Nations over its military crackdown on an popular uprising that has evolved into an armed insurgency.

“Domestic socio-economic problems that have become worse in industrialized countries as a result of the (economic) crisis are weakening the dominant role of the so-called historical West,” Putin told a meeting of Russian ambassadors from across the world.

He told the envoys, gathered in Moscow, that they should try to influence events where Russian interests were at stake.

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Photo credit: World Economic Forum

  • bill

    I agree with Putin and the United States will literally be a third world country if obama is allowed to stay for another four years or longer. He has just about taken us to our knees and literally ruined our economy not to mention his plans for the Constitution, gun rights, obamacare for much higher taxes, and his consistant approach in turning the United States into a communist/fascist country with his communist cabinet and fascist czars.

  • daveveselenak

    Everthing is going as planned. The last bastion of Democracy is slowly being whittled away by the new Hitler’s anti-American policies. The NWO agenda is being played out for the world to see. Make no mistake about it, the cabal is pulling the strings to create financial and social chaos around the globe that will bring the NWO into existence! Hell, Putin had just suggested the United Nation, aka NWO, be the arbitrator of the perpetuated world chaos. It is just a matter of time before our Muslim-Marxist and Hillory Clinton follow suit. America will be taken down soon and the becomming Godless nation will be issued it’s reward!

  • Barak Obama has caused the decline and when he is removed from the White House in November, the 32,000,000 gun owners in this country will assure the sovereignty of the U.S.A. and the UN can suck wind.

  • Vlad is right! The Something For Nothing creeps and those that pander to them are a fault!

  • CaptTurbo

    He’s right but we can turn things around by voting the Kenyan and his minions of commie cork soakers out of office where as Russia will still be … Russia.

  • MC the Hammer

    I agree that the Republic is in decline, just look at all the economic indicators, international influence-amoung our friends/enemies, national pride is down, Obama’s olympic (China made uniforms), 29 Billion in outsourced “stimulus” money to foreign governments, education system in the tank, federal gov’t suing states, 500+ billion stolen out of medicare to help Obamacare and limit funds for elderly-to kill them off (life productivity years remaining)………..and I could keep on going. Pray for Mitt and Ann Romney to send the president and his globe-hopping wife packing back to Chicago. Although, who would want to go there?