Same agencies involved in Sandusky abuse cases stripped doctor of license for reporting abuse

Jim Singer, formerly a psychologist working in Pennsylvania, said that he reported a case of child molestation in 1986 to Pennsylvania’s Child Protective Services agency, and not only was his report ignored, but soon after, in retaliation, the Pennsylvania Psychology Board prosecuted Singer and eventually removed his license to practice psychology.

As the aftermath of the Penn State University molestation scandal unfolds, most observers believe that if the proper authorities had been alerted to the crimes much earlier, many children could have been saved. That’s not always the case, says Singer.

Speaking exclusively with The Daily Caller, Singer said that most of the same Pennsylvania government agencies that were outraged over the PSU scandal — Child Protective Services, the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, and the Pennsylvania State Police — all ignored and buried his report of child molestation.

In 1986, Singer was working as a psychologist at the Dubois Regional Medical Center in Dubois, Pa. During a session with a female teenage patient, Singer said the patient revealed to him that she was being sexually abused by her father. Upon having two more medical professionals confirm this, Singer said that he reported the abuse to the state’s Child Protective Services agency.

TheDC has exclusively acquired a letter from one of the two medical professionals, Dr. Albert Varacallo, vouching for the veracity of Singer’s claims.

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Here’s a video report from when this case first broke:

  • …haven’t you figured it out yet? Many of these ‘professionals’ are pedophiles themselves. They protect eachother.
    It’s a very large group of professionals across the nation who are advocates of’sex for children’.
    I learned of them when I was seeking help for my children when their stepfather molested them in the late 60’s, early 70’s.
    Kenneth Morgan Thomas, third market broker, saw to it that I was stripped financially so my hands were tied…but I did meet many professional people then who advocated ‘sex for children’.
    Justice has never been served.