Taliban executes woman accused of adultery near Kabul

A man Afghan officials say is a member of the Taliban shot dead a woman accused of adultery in front of a crowd near Kabul, a video obtained by Reuters showed, a sign that the austere Islamist group dictates law even near the Afghan capital.

In the three-minute video, a turban-clad man approaches a woman kneeling in the dirt and shoots her five times at close range with an automatic rifle, to cheers of jubilation from the 150 or so men watching in a village in Parwan province.

“Allah warns us not to get close to adultery because it’s the wrong way,” another man says as the shooter gets closer to the woman. “It is the order of Allah that she be executed”.

Provincial Governor Basir Salangi said the video, obtained on Saturday, was shot a week ago in the village of Qimchok in Shinwari district, about an hour’s drive from Kabul.

Such rare public punishment was a painful reminder to Afghan authorities of the Taliban’s 1996-2001 period in power, and it raised concern about the treatment of Afghan women 11 years into the NATO-led war against Taliban insurgents.

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Photo credit: Jonathon Narvey

  • Yea! down with adulterers, put your hands together crowd. Do we hear more loud cheers? “The Taliban terrorist are only allowed to court whores, watch porn flicks, molest young goats and children”. What must be said for all you normal women to understand these simple words of Allah?
    Pls Father, remove this country from this squirmier.

  • CSN

    “He who is wiithout sin may cast the first stone.” – Remember, Jesus wrote on the ground, and they all went away, one by one. It is believed he wrote each of their personal sins on the sand. I’ve heard they can set a woman up that way, get her out of the way, so they can have another wife. She may not even be guilty of adultery, rather the other way around.