Thomas Sowell, W. Williams: Public schools bigger threat to blacks than KKK

Thursday on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program, fill-in host Walter E. Williams, a professor at George Mason University, and Hoover Institution scholar in residence Thomas Sowell, author of “Intellectuals and Society: Revised and Expanded Edition,” discussed public education and how it impacts the black community.

Sowell said Americans need to honestly answer some tough questions blacks and the public school system. “It’s very hard to take sometimes, but it has to be done,” he said.

“Wherever blacks or anybody else wants to go in life, they can’t only get there from where they are, which means they have to know where they are — not where they wish they were or for other people to think they are, but where they are in fact. The truth is absolutely the key to any hope of advancement.”

Williams likened that public education system to the Ku Klux Klan.

“I’ve said that, Tom, that if I were the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan and I wanted to sabotage any opportunity for black academic excellence, I could not think of a better means for doing so than the public education establishment in most of our cities,” Williams said.

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  • reggiec

    Our public education system is not just failing blacks. It is purposely dumbing down every child sentenced to public education.

    • Don Vander Jagt

      Can anyone tell me why a political party that is supposed to be for the people never gets around to a legitimate way to improve education?
      Any thinking person knows full well that the only way to improve education is to go to a national Education Voucher System.
      If either party was serious about education they would make that a plank of their party!

      • CSN

        Ron Paul would have made that plank for the party, but they pushed him out. They want to keep the children dumb, because that way they can shove socialistic communism down their throats and expect them to believe it will be good for them. It’s a handy weapon for the Elitists who want a One World Government Controlled system.

  • FB2117

    I agree the public school system is not providing a good education to students. The ones who do well are the ones who come from homes where parents care and help their children learn. The students who are very smart will get what they need in spite of incompetent teachers. Also, in order to learn students must want to. So sad that so many (especially minorities) aren’t interested and even harass those who are. If one is trying to make good grades he/.she is bullied and made fun of by those who are in school because they have to be and are only interested in causing trouble.

  • v steve

    Get the governmnet out of the public schools and the marxist people out.

  • Sten

    When a child’s home is bleak and a tradition of learning and intellectual growth is missing, the best teachers and the newest campus can offer absolutely nothing. The student doesn’t understand what is going on and soon starts to act out his confusion and frustration. Another failure for the system and the child.