Video: Democrat Loses it on Tea Partier at Jewish Pro-Obama Event

Watch a Democrat completely lose his cool with a Tea Partier outside of a pro-Obama event at a Jewish Reform Congregation.  Just minutes earlier, a member of the Jewish Americans for Romney was chased off the property.  [Caution: profane language]


Photo credit: Mike Licht,

  • Why is it that the Jew`s want America, to defend their nation, but they do nothing to help protect America, when they are so left leaning and voting for a socialist like obama. They seem to really love this thug, so screw the jew`s let them defend themselves.

    • crazyhorse

      My exact thoughts.. and stop giving finacial aid to Isreal and all countries.

  • Good American

    I’am 76 years old and I wish i could have been there to protect those teapartiers.

  • Patriotic Legal Immigrant

    As the saying goes, “Ignorance can be educated but stupidity lasts forever.” 85% of the Jews in this country are Democrats. For them to support the Muslim in the White House is just plain stupid. Where would Israel be without support from the conservatives.