Video: Dennis Miller-Obama most divisive POTUS ever, disrupting nation like never before with class warfare

Comedian Dennis Miller asks why Obama always says ‘rich’ like it’s a four-letter word and suggests that Obama is the most divisive president he’s ever seen.  He also comments on Lance Armstrong’s alleged drug use and a six year old rapper filmed with scantily clad women.


Photo credit: Kyle and Kelly Adams

  • currituck

    “the most divisive president”
    That is part of the communist agenda ….
    America had best wake up, or we will not be the United States..

  • Josh Holloway

    Couldn’t stand to watch it because of that jackball O’Reilly… the most recent stupid thing he said was that O’Robertscare was Constitutional because of the words “general welfare” being found in the preamble. Fool.