Video: Flash mobs, racial tension ramping up in US?

It’s not pleasant to bring up a subject seemingly NO ONE wants to talk about. It’s even more unpleasant when you know you are opening yourself up to accusations of the filthiest kind.

So — here it goes:  America has a race problem. It is a problem that may be about to erupt into nationwide violence. In fact, some believe it has already begun.

I am seeing report after report, on the Internet, concerning the sky rocketing rise of black on white crime and yes, black on black crime, as well. But, most horrible is the black mob violence which is becoming so prevalent that even the Mainstream Media is ALMOST forced to report it. Notice: I said “ALMOST.”

There are the so-called black “flash mobs,” the “rob mobs” and, of course, the old stand-by — the out and out “riot.”

Thing is — it’s happening all across the US. This time, thankfully, my “South” will not bear the brunt of the criticism from the “Limousine liberals,” the “Guilt-Trip Lefties,” and the “Poverty Pimps.” But then, they have heaped defamation on us Southrons for so long they may just feel compelled to continue.

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Photo credit: somaya

  • This is what the Obama administration is fostering…the idea that businesses are bad and deserve bad treatment

  • Ihatelibs

    Time to wipe them out!

    • mary ellen bloomingdale

      We are playing too nice compared to the Obama gang !!! sick

  • Alfie

    Shoot them all!!!!!!!!!

  • Watchdogman

    someone with a weapon might have changed their thuggish minds..Wish I had been there…The blacks are animals! time to put them on the endangered species list by eliminating the pukes!

  • BestRealAmerican

    Stop calling them “flash mobs” — they are black criminal gangs, plain and simple.

    • Rastus

      oh no you di-ent

  • Roberta Filzmaier

    This WalMart should shut down for 2 months so the neighborhood can understand what a mob of animals did.

    • Rastus

      amen to that.

    • frawgeyz

      that is exactly what the socialists want Roberta!
      Remember the DC riots of the late sixties? Mild compared to what these pink soldiers want to do!
      Some of them look to be well dressed and not like typical gang types.
      Must be the usurpers gang!
      The police need to get tough as they did back in the sixties before the bleeding heart liberal started the
      ploitically correct garbage! Do the crime and serve the time!!!!!
      Thanks to all of our fabulous elected officials who took an oath to uphold the constitution! Thank you also to all of the intellectually and morally bankrupt mob that voted for obama!

  • One sure way to stop “FLASH MOBs”—“”12 GAUGE SHOT GUN” “HIGH CAP~MAGS.–It is called Self defence.

  • Roger

    More NALN (niggers acting like niggers)
    I’m sure Obamaboy was proud of ’em!

  • If someone in the GOP had any street smarts, they could use these flash mobs to their advantage on election day.

    • frawgeyz

      Hi Bruce
      You are correct. The GOP already has more than this to use if they were so inclined. It does not take “street smarts” but loyalty to the laws of the land.
      They are in collusion. The current administration should have been in jail long ago.

  • Carol

    Why were they showing the same picture over and over and made it look continuous? I hate dishonest reporting. Yes it looked volitile. But tell the truth . News is such a pile of dung.

  • Douglas

    Obama and Holder are both responsible for this type behavior…and why young Black kids are getting Killed by Police that are trying to do their Jobs! Kids think it is OK to act out like this…it’s a game and fun to take control of an environment of shoppers. Then a police officer is faced with kill or be killed situations…because kids are Kids making wrong decisions based on the Obama Gang! Good example Obama and Holder to project to the Black youths of our community….for what gain? So you can hopefully get re-elected by default? Your new school plan and Guns to Drug Cartel to kill thousands of Mexican Men, Women and Children with your other foolish idea…Fast and Furious! Do you actually think the American people are going to just lay down and let you get away with what ever you want? Ask your Buddy Billy Boy Ayers…and ask him how prison was? He just didn’t spend enough time in!

  • mary ellen bloomingdale

    keep on it, not too many good americans to help like I see you doing. I am in Californis, however would love to move to Alaska some day.
    you look too youngto be where you are and with what you have accomplished in life so far.

  • larryoq

    Someone that’s attacked by one of these flashmobs will pull a gun and shoot a few of these punks. Then it will hit the fan. Al Sharpton was encouraging blacks to do this a few months ago. These black Flash mobs have been going on for a couple years but nothing from the lamestream media.

  • Rastus

    this is not just abnormal, but perhaps even primevil. and yet if you try and stereotype the ‘people’ in this crowd, they’ll become offended. newsflash black mobsters, you are stereotyping yourselves and painting a picture of the black race that many undeserving blacks will have to live down and defend against.
    many young people have never witnessed such animal pack behavior so they’ve not understood the hatred or loathing some whites have towards blacks. however, you’re opening their eyes to why some whites will never respect or trust blacks as equals. you think i’m a cracker who doesn’t know what he’s talking about? when’s the last time you saw a large crowd of whites mobbing and robbing a store? and yet this is happening all over the USA. i don’t think you could even find in a large shopping mall, five white people who would consider banding togethert to do such a low life thing, and yet here you have hundreds of negroes gathered together to do nothing more than cause chaos so they can steal things that they didn’t pay for. look at vids of hur. katrina, rodney king riots, watts riots, (insert name of event / excuse some people have capitalized on in order to steal things that did not belong to them).
    so the next time you get upset that you’re being stereotyped as thieves and thugs, go to youtube and watch more of these characteristic black animal pack attacks. it won’t take you long to question whether or not the skin color is the only difference between races. how sad that rodneys message of us all getting along has fallen on crooked ears.

  • Typical black thugs. Misdirected, under-educated, under employed.
    Can’t read or write.
    Raised in welfare families,
    Don’t know their fathers.

  • Mike Grunewald

    the only way to stop this crap is shoot the Bastard

  • A couple of Drop-Down 50-Cal. Mchinguns would have ended-things very fast with Justice well deserved on these Punk Thugs. ,, God Bless, oldgrapeape

  • Al Sharpton and the Adulter and Lair Jessie Jackson maybe 1/2 % or less from being 100% Criminal Slave Sellers and Users of Blacks than any White are other Blackman in History were. ,, God Bless

  • rmwayne

    Only one way to deal with these wild animals. Open fire on them and then when scum like Sharpton, Jackson and the rest of these phony black preachers and politicians start yapping about civil rights for these criminals and bringing out the race card don’t fall for this victim game they’ve become so adept at. These gangs and those who are allied with them are the perpetrators of crimes. They’re not the victims.

  • The Dems have spent 4+ decades FOSTERING racial division with their lies and condescension towards blacks (oddly, they are the true racists). Now, there tactics are coming home to roost. The overwheiming majority of urban rapes, assaults, murders, and robberies are committed by either blacks or hispanics; this is not a racist view, it is just a statement of reality (and I speak Spanish, since my tia (aunt) is Spanish). Even decent black and Latino cititzens will (privately) admit they are disgusted with the loser types.