Video: NYC Mayor encourages police to not protect public until gun control is enacted

RINO NYC Mayor Bloomberg talks with Piers Morgan about why law enforcement should stop protecting citizens until legislatures enact stricter gun control measures.  Watch the video below to hear this outrageous perspective as well as Bloomberg’s ridiculous comment about bullet proof vests.


Photo Credit: Center for American Progress

  • CSN

    Bloomberg is a shill for the Communist Party. He’s part of the CFR, Bilderberger, One World Government Gun Grabbing Group. As for Holmes attack. That guy was drugged. Some unanswered questions, and also, find out if his apartment really was booby trapped, or if they want to blow it up to hide the evidence that this was a staged rampage to enact the UN Small Arms Treaty without a hitch. Did Holmes REALLY do the shooting? Or did someone else do the shooting, was Holmes drugged enough not to remember, and will get off on insanity so we’ll never really know what REALLY happened. This isn’t just a conspiracy theory, this could be a FACT. People can also be put under hypnosis with a drug, and won’t know what they’ve done at all. This has been known since late 1800’s.

  • marineh2ominer

    BloomingIdiot berg , is indeed a useless piece of communist s–t . and csn is right about a coverup , several witnesses saw a 2nd man but the cops are saying he acted alone , probably because the 2nd man was an FBI or BATF&E undercover agent participating in ” fast and furious ” part 2 .

  • Another unbelievable globalist idiot. Enough