Video: Obama – “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that”

This past weekend, Obama made yet another outrageous attack on capitalism, suggesting no one can make anything on his own.

Photo credit: Richard Loyal French

  • I busted my ass , earned my own money, used it to start my ow.n bussiness, without the help of government and this arrogant “NAZI STOOGE”.

  • jim

    I guess the 80+ hour weeks I worked for 20 years was somebody else

  • CaptTurbo

    I would like to thank … whoever it was that built my 33 years of repeat fishing clients. Okenya … you’re such funny little Marxist!

  • margaret george

    Small businesses pay TAXES that help to make that happen so yes, we small business people built the roads and bridges. What a sorry excuse we have in this administration. Mr Obama is a terrible disappointment.

  • i live in west texas, very many businesses are small businesses,or mom and pops. most under 20 people,it shows how out of touch with even how to make business run obama is.i see a large hispanic population here who build there businesses the hard way ,they work their butts off the way all west texans have for as long as their has been a west texas

  • OMG! What an idiotic statement. I had great teachers, a great mother, a great wife, great family, supportive friends and good employees, but it was my creativity, my brains and my hard work that made my small businesses successful. Now, our president is telling me that someone else made this happen? He doesn’t have a clue about individualism or American exceptionalism. He doesn’t even have a clue about how to be POTUS.