Video: Obama spokeswoman says Romney’s Supporters are Racist, Bigoted

You have to listen to it to believe it, but this state legislator, part of Obama’s “Truth team,” believes that Romney is speaking only to racists in America, people who don’t want to see anyone other than “a white man in the White House or in any other elected position.”  The tirade begins at 2:15.


Photo credit: DonkeyHotey

  • marineh2ominer

    Having never been a membar of the KKKI , the white patriot party , nor any other racist organization , All the racism I have observed has been the congressional black caucaus , the senatorial blacks , Hollywood or the White House administration , up to and including our ” psuedo ” black president .

    • don

      You also have the racist NAACP, “new” black panthers, eric holder (phony justice department), the kenyan-marxist-muslim president, acorn (by another name), and the democratic party. Quite a load of racist garbage this country has to put up with every radical group determined to take over and destroy this country unto their image.

  • Yaya

    This woman is nuts!!!!!! Wake up and smell the truth!!!!

  • I’m so tired of the lies that keep coming out of the mouths of Congress. Especially the Black Caucus and all the people that are suppose to be telling the people the truth.

    • don

      The black caucus is a racist organization! That is the truth.

  • What an eloquent racist speech. Interesting to hear she has a sheet of the talking points. And, btw, way to go… feed the hatred to your kids to perpetuate the race-baiting.

  • What a complete asshole!

  • WHAT A COMPLETE IDIOT!!!! We conservatives respect Condi Rice, Allen West, and other TRULY black people ( which Obama is not, by the way). This senator needs to get her head out of her butt. Obama is a complete clueless FOOL!

  • JEButler

    Just wondering: If it is true what she is saying, how did she and any other black person get elected?