Video: Pastor Defies Border Patrol Checkpoint, Evades Arrest

If you’ve driven to San Diego or Los Angeles, you’ve no doubt encountered Border Patrol checkpoints on the highways.

Most people just answer the agents’ questions and they’re on their way.

Not one valley man.  He openly defies them and refuses to answer their questions — and he’s caught the tense encounters on tape.

Steven Anderson is a Tempe preacher who also travels to California for his other business.  He says all but once, Border Patrol agents have let him through checkpoints, even though he refuses to comply with their requests.

Anderson sets up a camera in his car for when he travels between Arizona and California.  He presses record only when he comes to a Border Patrol checkpoint along Interstate 8 to capture what he calls an overreach of government.

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Photo credit:  CBP Photography

  • farrightextreme

    Very stupid. The man is an Ahole. I hope he runs into the wrong person.

  • copakeman

    arent these “asking for your papers” checkpoints the same thing holder has sued to prevent Arizona from doing ? why arent these boarder patrol agents (or whatever the name of the day is) patroling our pourous southern boarder instead of interstate 10 ? if you are not doing anything illegal, do not answer any questions, this is still the USA and our constitution still exist.


      These checkpoints are for the purpose of getting American citizens to accept being controlled by the federal government. I have actually watched illegal aliens walk past the check station while I am answering the question “what is your citizenship?” The BP simply states “my job is stopping cars, somebody else will deal with foot traffic”. These checkpoints probably stop several thousand cars for each alien they catch. It has become a joke because serious alien smugglers use other means to avoid being stopped. I am for stopping the invasion by stopping aliens before they are miles inside the USA. This means that the administration needs to change in DC and get a president who is serious about controlling the border rather than using the open border to add democrat votes in November.

  • CaptTurbo

    I have mixed feelings on this. I admire his spunk and he is right about it being an over-reach of government detaining American citizens. However, I also want to see every illegal alien drop kicked back to where they invaded from.

    • BILL


  • Deputy068

    As an active LEO, I would pull him over and check his car out VERY CAREFULLY. If he has a problem with the this, let his lawyer bring it to a judge. He is refusing to comply with a lawful order from a law enforcement officer. I could care less about his ‘waiting in traffic for 20 minutes’ – the officer issues an order and it’s he is legally obligated to comply. If he has a problem with the order, the place to take it is the courts. He’s a jerk just trying to ‘prove a point’.

    • Kate

      I responded to you, Deputy but failed to place it here where it belonged.

    • Kate

      The BPs *request* is lawful. Quite frankly any of us could ask it of another individual too. I think from here, you know where this could and should go. In your thinking and whether you know it or not, the BP’ers didn’t do their job. They did as much as they are lawfully entitled to do and the citizen driver did his, too. Good for him! Whether anyone sees him as being a jerk or not, he made a point that was worth making.
      Had the driver given just cause/a reasonable suspicion to be stopped and had he responded this way-the result likely would have been different. I think “Quencher” has it right.

      L.E. should never be about randomly making other people’s life miserable. We don’t have to think far on this; just think of the useless and brainless T.S.A.
      There is something good to be said of using discrestion and intelligence within the field but first & foremost, understanding and respecting our Constitution and rightful laws. As much as it bothers you in regards to how this driver responded, the fact is-what is happening here isn’t right. Beings that it is wrong, what do you expect?
      I think your mistake is taking this personally and not being objective about it. All things handed down to uniformed L.E. to do-doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right. Not for the citizens (which includes you, your family and everyone else) or your profession. Given that this isn’t right and the boundaries are being overstepped, this is what you can expect from rightful and lawful citizens. Personally, I find this very disheartening and on every level.

  • Kate


    While I am not an active LEO, my husband is and has been for 16 years.

    Given the extent of illegal immigration and on the face of this-it seems understandable but [and I will simply paste what I wrote about this elsewhere]:

    As American citizens traveling within the U.S. we should be able to drive unincumbered e.g. without proving citizenship.
    His words may seem radical but having to prove citizenship within our own country is…a pretty radical expectation.

  • Guest

    There is no question this was a terrible idea to set up these checkpoints for no valid reason. At least be checking for drunk drivers. Any sign of Uncle Omar? I would bust his *ss in a hot minute.

  • Josh Holloway

    I’m disappointed reading the
    comments on this article that even among Joe Miller followers there are
    still many who prefer the heavy-handed, unconstitutional actions of our
    State.. you know, as long as it’s for a good reason.. Let me tell you,
    it’s always “for a good reason”. Who’s “good reason” varies so we must
    never allow it.

    • joewmiller

      Thanks, Josh, for your comments. Here’s what I find absolutely unacceptable: we have the certain ability to shutdown the border, make it impassable except through lawful border ports. But we don’t do it. Instead, we start populating the country with checkpoints, increasingly acclimating the citizenry to, essentially, a police-state environment. This is a completely upside down, freedom restricting response to a problem that would disappear if our federal government actually respected the rule of law.

  • An insult to “Preachers” everywhere as it insinuates a Christian. We are called to obey the laws of the land. The handily placed arm and the hidden camera shows disdain for our LEO’s and our laws. He should blame “racial profiling” for being let go, not our Border Control officers. Shame on you!

  • Oz

    As soon as they tell him he’s detained and order him out of the vehicle under threat of force, there’s no reason to resist. Voice your lack of consent but identify that you are following orders under threat of force. At that point, you have everything you need to bring a lawsuit. This battle can’t be fought on the ground. It needs to be fought in a courtroom.