Video: Congressman’s Blistering Attack on DC Receives Standing Ovation from House

I’ve watched a number of rousing speeches on the floor of the House but have never quite seen a reaction like this.  Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) launches into an articulate, heart-felt attack on how the disconnected beltway politicians are killing business in the US.  In return, he gets a standing ovation and shouts of “USA, USA”! Please watch this video.  It will be worth your while.

  • marineh2ominer

    It is absolutely fantastic that we have at least one real American in Washington . How can we clone him about a thousand times and send them ALL to Washington , not just the elected but the bureaurcrats as well . GOD BLESS Rep. Mike Kelly , one of the few intelligent patriots in Washington AND Pennsylvania .

  • Thank you. At least there’s one with some guts and a heart.

  • Joe, this was a great moment in Congress, but I think I would have appreciated it more if I had known what the issue was and what the outcome of the vote was. Don’t you think it might have been more informative if those two things had been included?

    • Rachel

      If it’s been voted on you will be able to find it by going to OpenCongressdotorg

  • Rachel

    Great speech! But nothing will change…because there are drones in every Federal agency who make these idiotic regulations. It’s Orwellian. They are all braindead, but too stupid to lay down.