Video: Rush – Obama hates the United States

In this must-see video, Rush Limbaugh explains why Obama “hates this country” and how he is, “brick by brick, trying to deconstruct the American dream.”

  • Ron

    Way to go Rush you tell it like it is . don’t forget his wife hates it too. even as she spends the tax payers money to impress her friends . Vacation in Spain .Shes an idiot as well as him . I want a vacation in West Virginia with real solid American citizens , 2 years ago I went to Colorado. I love this country. Semper Fi.

  • valeryane

    Rush is right on, as usual! You have to make the money to pay the taxes to build the roads etc. Obama DOES hate this country at least the way it has traditionally been. He can only tolerate it if he and his “transform,” it further then they already have.

  • daveveselenak

    Where the hell have you been for the last four years Rush? Hell, I said when he was “implanted” as the new Hitler that he would run this country into the ground! The fact is that I had told this to my black supervisor at the USPS and we got into heated arguements about it. I changed runs – I was a truckdriver – because I knew my job was in jeopardy if I stayed on that run. To this day, I’d bet that she wouldn’t see things any different because of her skin color. It is time that the “Re-PUNK-lican” candidate, Romney and the rest of his gutless, feckless and impotent sidekicks, along with the cowardly conservative so-called pundits start admitting as much as well! Let me be clear: you have the new Hitler emerging and you’d had better realize this ominous reality and start addressing this calamity as it is “getting late early” as Y. Berra had said. M. Savage is the only one in the media that has the wisdom and courage to tell it like it is, it is time the rest of those that have the forum to follow suit!

    • Hard rush said that back then he woujld be off the air. now everyone with a brain knows it is true..

  • We knew that back in 2008. The global government movers thought the time was ripe for destroying the USA and they could use Barry to do the job. Alas for them, God is not finished with us yet. We, as a nation, are doing 2 Cor 7:14.
    “O Lord, I know that the way of man is not in himself, it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps. O Lord, correct me but with judgment not in thine anger lest thou bring me to nothing. Jer 10:23-24. Peace,

  • Bravo.. Bravo… rush is right on target. spread this video on facebook.

  • sara

    rush is the TRUTH.