Video: Worshipers at Syrian Mosque go into Frenzy when Imam picks up AK47

This video, shot inside a Syrian mosque this month, shows the type of “democratic reform” movement being backed by Obama.  You’ve got to watch it to believe it.  The excitement starts about one minute into the video.



  • marineh2ominer

    These are obamass kind of people , evil incarnate , they have zero redeeming qualities nor does he . All air pollution could be ended just by eliminating the filthy breath this inhuman scum exhales into our atmosphere . I am NOT racist , but this isn’t a race , I love the right of freedom of religion , but this isn’t a religion , this is an inhuman abomination corrupting all religions with their subhuman hatefiull sharia law and their desire to kill everyone that they can’t dominate , all while pretending to be a real religion , but in truth these animals don’t even qualify as a legitmate cult . SOMEBODY HAD BETTER WAKE UP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE . It is almost too late in Britian , Finland , Sweden , Belgium , the Netherlands , Norway , Germany , and France . This scum has pretty much taken over these countries , as well as several states in the U.S. ( Michigan comes to mind ) . With the exception of a very few courageous leaders our country is ignoring and excacerbating the problem out of political correctness and pure stupidity . Hate doe’s not even enter into it , it is just a fact of life that they use taqqiyya to to deceive everyone with the blessing of their God Allah , who is Satan in one of his own great deceptions .

    • Salvatore A Apicelli, Texas


  • Patriot Act

    But… But… Leftists say Islam is a religion of peace. This video must quite obviously be staged!

    Seriously, folks, this is really scary stuff.