Baker overwhelmed with business after refusing VP Biden service

One man in Radford is being called the next “Joe the Plumber.”

He owns a bakery, but he’s becoming known fast as the man who said “no” to the Vice President.

Since saying ‘no to Joe,’ “Chris the Baker” is baking like a crazy man.

It’s been 24 hours since Chris McMurray said “no” to a photo op with Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday.

And his Radford bakery, “Crumb and Get It” has been slammed ever since.

“It’s been a great response,” McMurray said from his store Thursday. “The overwhelming majority of people have been supportive and calls from Texas and Chicago and California. Ordering cookies and telling us to send ‘em to veterans and homeless shelters. It’s been incredible.”

McMurray’s been in business only three months. Saying “no” to Joe, may have been the best business decision he’s ever made.

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  • brabbie2002

    How could you possibly say “no” to this divine administration? After all, Chris the baker DID NOT build his business – Odumbass and Biden the village idiot did! Everyone knows that!!! And odumbass is sure everyone loves his arrogant butt! Yeah, Right!!! Now we have two village idiots running the country – odumbass and his backup plan Biden!

  • Robert Courtney

    This story is getting too widespread.
    The deadhead Liberals will start hollering “boycott” and clling them “hate mongegers” and “cokkie racists”, etc.
    Not for Biden, but for the bakers stance onObama.
    I luv it.
    Thank you Crumb and Get it.
    Maybe they should start a little internet cafe and put up a sign.
    “Yes<I said NO to the VP. Come on in, have a cookie, and lets talk about it". Then have their own homepage come up when the patrons log on.

  • marineh2ominer

    I am so proud of the way our president and vice president are using their incompetence to awaken the American people I am getting excited about puting my flag back up after the election .

  • gracentruth

    More proof (Chick-fil-a another one) that we the people are free enterprise constitutional conservatives – and proof that elections are rigged. True the vote.

  • Joe1938

    There has been 3 events recently where Americans have shown our support for businesses that the socialist/communist/marxist/islamofascist crowd have tried to destroy. 1. Chick-fil-A, 2. The baker in Colorado, and now 3. Chris the Baker. Maybe after November, we will be rid of this socialist/communist/marxist/islamofascist crowd.

  • Pete the Greek

    Hey He didn’t build it ,lol, but he can refuse to serve you, love it!

  • Tikvah(Hope in Hebrew)

    @ JOE…they should do a “PATRIOT” poster,with him & Joe the Plumber & maybe Dan Cathy/Chick-Fil-A…

  • Jukebox

    Just LOVE reading about true Americans!! Stand your ground, this is your country and the liberals are trying to take it away and make it something it isn’t!!! God bless you for your courage to stand up to them!!! What did Robin Hood say to his merry men, “by God we take it back”!!