Clint Eastwood just made Mitt Romney’s day

Photo credit: Siebbi

The Dirty Harry star and Oscar-winning director of Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby endorsed the Republican presidential candidate Friday night during a Sun Valley, Idaho fundraiser.

‘I think the country needs a boost,’ Eastwood told The Associated Press as he joined other Romney supporters for the private campaign event.

In February, Eastwood told Fox News that he wasn’t supporting any politician at that time.

Some saw the ‘halftime in America’ ad he made for the Super Bowl as a nod toward President Barack Obama. Eastwood responded then by saying he was not ‘politically affiliated’ with the president.

‘Now more than ever do we need Gov. Romney. I’m going to be voting for him,’ Eastwood told Romney supporters Friday night.

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  • Brabbie2002

    Well, that and $2.50 will get you a cup of coffee just about anywhere!

    • Keep the change, who needs coffee when you have the pale rider covering your back.

  • Stealth

    Way to go CLINT…Made My Day Too!!

  • gracentruth

    Too bad Clint gave up on America and constitutional conservatives – like Dr. Paul. Peace,

    • wethepeople

      Ditto! Romney is the Great Pretender, and so is Rubio. Just got a mailing from the National Pro-Life Alliance which states Rubio has backed tracked on his Pro-Life support for the Rand Paul, Life at Conception Act. Seems these guys have forked tongues.

  • dufus

    There are those who just don’t get it or never will. You made my day, clint and you always will. We don’t need the empty suit back in Washington to bury this country. As a Veteran, go Romney!