DNC Chair Wasserman, Pro-Abortion Activist Fluke, Crash GOP Convention in Tampa

Pro-abortion activist Sandra Fluke and pro-abortion Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair and Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz crashed the Republican convention on Thursday afternoon.

Leading up to the nomination acceptance speech from Mitt Romney, Fluke and Wasserman Schultz somehow made it through security and into the convention center to speak to members of the press. Reporters surrounded Schultz to get her take on the GOP convention. She made a brief statement to the press and walked to the Google-sponsored bloggers lounge where press members also are found.

Although Democrats have set up an office near the GOP convention center, this was the first time and top Democrats ventured into the GOP convention itself.

Fluke later tweeted, “At the #RNC2012 getting the word out on why #romneyryan are #WrongForWomen. First this convention has gotten to hear about women’s concerns.”

Matthew Boyle of the conservative Daily Caller had more on their appearances and snapped a picture:

  • wandamurline

    Hopefully, if Floridians have a brain left, Ms. Schult will be joining Obama after November 6th. The Demorats are desperate…they have no new ideas, have not passed a budget in almost four years and have sunk our economy with payback to campaign contributors with the TARP….now they have to accept the fact that they have screwed the American worker and all they have left is to try to disrupt and distort and go to name calling… Just watch, there is more from them to come.

  • RLM357

    GOOGLE’s Lounge??? Did anybody really Not know they are a tool of the Left? That’s how they are well established in China. ~Rick Magee, FL

  • marineh2ominer

    They just don’t realize that it takes more than just rubbing shoulders with conservatives for honor , decency , and integrity to rub off on them . They have to renounce Satan altogether and shed the DEMONRAT character in their blood .

  • Dumb Debbie gets dumber every day.