Germany cooperated with Black September after Munich Massacre

German newspaper Der Spiegel revealed Sunday that German authorities cooperated with Black September, a Palestinian terror group, after it had carried out an attack that killed 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. Germany, it was reported, did so for fear of additional attacks on its soil.

According to the report, the German government held secret contacts with the planners of the Munich Massacre. Several months after the attack, Germany’s then foreign minister, Walter Scheel, met secretly with several Black September members to “rebuild trust.”

Berlin demanded that the terror group not carry out any more terrorist attacks on German soil. The Palestinians, on their part, demanded Berlin’s support of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

According to Der Spiegel, Germany suspended its criminal investigation against the massacre’s perpetrators as the talks progressed. Several weeks later, the deputy foreign minister announced that the investigation had been concluded.

In 1977, French police asked Germany whether it wanted it to extradite Abu Daoud, one of the planners of the attack, but Germany decided not to answer the question.

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  • Bob

    So?…..since when does Germany owe Israel any favors? In fact what country on earth owes them any?

    • Walter

      You post makes no sense. A) when has appeasement worked with murdering terrorists, or any terrorist, for that matter? B) what kind of nation sponsers an international sporting invite (the Olympics) then helps the terrorists that murder another nations team? And to have stopped these murderers, or pursued them, as opposed to making a deal with them (because terrorists are so good at keeping their word) that would have been doing someone a favor in your eyes? That is some warped thinking. You think the US should quit sending aid to Israel, or that Palestine should have a state, then say that. You’re wrong, but we can debate it. The stuff you posted just sounds moronic tho, and comes from a place of irrational hate or resentment, I don’t think anyone here can relate to. Fail Bobby, big time.

      • Matt

        Well said, Walt. Methinks Bobby has some ulterior motives for his post that he is not expressly stating but which are strongly implied. I am guessing that Bobby doesn’t have a problem with the murder of Israeli civilian athletes because he doesn’t have a problem with the murder of Israelis. You can draw your own conclusions as to why he doesn’t have a problem with the murder of Israelis, or the degree to which he more than doesn’t have a problem with it, but actually supports it.

        • joewmiller

          Thanks, Walter and Matt, for bringing some sanity to the comments section here!

  • Matt

    Favors? You mean the “favor” of not making a Faustian bargain to support a terror organization who conducted a heinous attack on your soil against another nation’s athletes at an international sporting event in desperate attempt to protect yourself from terror yourself? You mean THAT favor? Yeah, I suppose that would be far too much to ask. I mean, what possible rationale could there be for a nation not appeasing violence against others and threats of further violence. I mean, such a national policy could never have emboldened an enemy to do more, could it. Yes, we should all aspire to be more like Neville Chaimberlain.