Gingrich Turns Tables on Chris Matthews, Calls him Racist

In an appearance on MSNBC’s “Hardball” on Monday from the Republican National Convention, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich took on host Chris Matthews, who accused the Republican Party of playing the “race card” throughout the day on MSNBC.

Gingrich turned the tables on Matthews, asking: “Why do you assume ‘food stamp’ refers to black? What kind of racist thinking do you have? Why are you being a racist, because you assume he’s referring to black?”

In a testy exchange, Matthews asked Gingrich why his party was using what he deemed coded racist dog whistles.

“I find your assumption so absurd that it’s hard to answer your question,” Gingrich responded. “Let me take the birther thing for a second — what Mitt Romney did the other day, people say, ‘You ought to relax, you ought to be a little bit lighter’. So he tells a joke. Now, it tends to be a joke that serves him in a totally different way that you’re calculating. It reminds everybody in Michigan that he was born in Michigan.”

But Matthews wouldn’t back down from his premise: “You know, it’s amazing how — you know how African-Americans generally, at least people who have emailed me in the last couple of hours, how they react to this?”

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  • Bruce Feher

    Newt is right!

  • Rick Benson

    Surely we all understand by now that only liberals can play the race card. And it is usually only racists that call others out as racists. But thanks Newt for telling it like it is.

    • chrissybayby

      You are so right – I’ve been saying that since junior high, that only racists call out other people as racists. It’s a problem only when someone stirs the pot.

  • JohnWayne

    Intellectually, Matthews cannot compete with Newt! Matthews is so liberally brainwashed he cannot see the forest for the trees . . . He’d be wise to save that racist crap for some dumbass rather than Newt. If he doesn’t, he’ll never have a lunch left to eat!

  • peg

    Matthews is a liberal hack with an agenda – he wants America to be socialist almost as much as Obama. It’s failed everywhere else, so why do we have to go down that road to prove it again?

  • amiee

    Matthews has taken the “trickle down” to a new low!
    I keep explaining to all my progressive friends the following: I am against the “white” side of Obama and his agenda! They don’t know what to say, it is always fun to shut up a progressive!

  • reggiec

    Look at the lineup in the evening at MSNBC; Chriss Mathews, Rachael Maddow and Ed Schultz. All extensions of the Obama election staff.

  • Thank you Dr. Gingrich for a job well done. It’s a shame it was on PMSNBC so only a half-dozen or so people saw it.

  • RBC

    People like Chris Matthews and Juan Williams will concoct racism out of no where; they can “mine” it out of any statement or reference and find unintended racial “code words”, as long as the words are spoken by a white person and a Republican. Reasonable minded people take a stated comment to mean just what the intent was when spoken. Matthews and Williams are not reasonable minded people.

    • RBC, you are so right! Newt’s intelligence makes Chris Wallace prove his true colors. Both Wallace and Williams are good at making fools of themselves. They are both shallow and unjust; yet, they continue to boast. I feel sorry for them! Maybe they haven’t found their souls.

  • CSN

    Alan Keyes/Allen West for President! Is that Racist? They’re both Republicans and both highly respected in the party…well the Tea Party faction of the Republican Party that is!

  • vaquerobob

    Thank you Newt! I watched one of the morning panel discussions and was stunned when RNC chairman failed to call Matthews out on his bold faced racist assumptions. Where are our mighty men of valor? The GOP needs to ramp up their ability to effectively counter the disingenuine spins from the Left’s talking heads.

  • Mitch

    The best part of Chris Matthews ran down his momma’s leg.

    • Royal Hogate

      she probably swallowed the best part of him

  • John David Galt

    Why does Chris Matthews assume that just because one of his extremely biased audience “sees” racism it must really be there? That’s racist, for heaven’s sake.

    The true test for racism is whether a person advocates that different people be treated differently because of their race. It’s not hard to apply that to both parties’ platforms and see just where the racism is … and where it isn’t.