Glenn Beck interview with FRC shooting eyewitness General Boykin-Page 3

GLENN BECK: Well, General, you are one of my favorite people because you never mince words and you’ve taken a strong stand to your own peril for a very long time. You’re a personal hero. Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin. Our best to the Family Research Council and everybody. How is everybody doing there?

GENERAL BOYKIN: They are doing well. Leo is an extraordinary hero and he’s doing quite well. I was with him when he came out of surgery; and the people at FRC are tough warriors, Glenn. We are not going away. We’re not going to change our position. We’re going to stand firm because we do believe that we are speaking for the majority of Americans who still maintain very traditional values.

GLENN BECK: Thank you very much, General. I –

GENERAL BOYKIN: Thank you, Glenn. God bless you.

  • deebar

    The General is a stand up guy and as Glen mentioned a real hero . It was said a short while back that only 37% of Christians vote and for me I call it a crime . That comes down to about 12 % of the real vote .
    They need to get their heads out of their rears and fight for our freedoms. We are not a free country but most believe we are . They get away from the couch for 5 minutes and have a panic attack . The Pastors of this country are afraid to teach as they did in the past and the IRS has them scared silly . Nowhere in the Constitution does it say there is a separation between them and government yet they believe it . When in bed with the devil (IRS) you do the devils work !