Huckabee is right to condemn GOP for leaving wounded on battlefield

As a former Navy enlisted man, West Point graduate, and former Army officer, I appreciate what Governor Mike Huckabee wrote to his supporters this past week. Military men never leave their wounded on the battlefield. And that is what has happened with the embattled Congressman Todd Akin, running for a Senate seat against Democrat Claire McCaskill in Missouri.

The Republican establishment joined the Democrat Party and the media in relentless attacks over Congressman Akin’s misstatement about abortion and rape during the past few days.

As Governor Huckabee wrote, Congressman Akin has apologized for his inappropriate remarks and he has resoundingly rejected what he said. He is guilty only of wanting to see every living being protected. However, many of the establishment in the Republican Party, who do not agree with his pro-life views, joined the Democrat firing squad against the congressman.

Democrats never form circular firing squads when one of their own, such as Bill Clinton, make mistakes. The Republican establishment, on the other hand, gladly form such firing squads against their own elected officials when they are frightened. This needs to stop. Indeed, an apology is owed by many of them to this distinguished Member of Congress, Todd Akin.

[To see the email which former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee wrote to his supporters on August 23, 2012, click HERE.]


Jim Backlin, is a former Reagan administration official and congressional chief of staff after a career in business. A West Point graduate and Vietnam veteran, Jim is chief lobbyist for the Christian Coalition of America.

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    If the GOP is going to stick with these views of in case of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother, abortion on demand will never end, because anyone can claim rape, and women’s clinics who practice abortions on a daily basis, will put down anything in order to give underage girls a free taxpayer abortion. So in Oregon…so in the rest of the country. The GOP has lost my support because they are NOT PRO-LIFE. Anyone who thinks it’s OK to kill an unborn baby, is not Pro-Life…period! After this election, I’m going back to Constitution Party, or may not even vote.

  • The military never leaving their wounded on the battle field is a matter of brotherhood and honor. No such qualities exist in establishment republican party. They’re is a bunch of snakes in the grass. They deserve whatever happens to them.