Normalizing the unthinkable: RFID implants begin in Washington (+video)

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Amal Graafstra snaps on a pair of black rubber gloves. “Do you want to talk about pain management techniques?” he asks. The bearded systems administrator across the table, who requested I call him “Andrew,” has paid Grafstra $30 to have a radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip injected into the space between his thumb and pointer finger, and as Graafstra describes Lamaze-type breathing methods, Andrew looks remarkably untroubled, in spite of the intimidatingly high-gauge syringe sitting on the table between them.

Graafstra finishes his pain talk, fishes a tiny cylindrical two-millimeter diameter EM4012 RFID chip out of a tin of isopropyl alcohol, and drops it into the syringe’s end, replacing the RFID tag intended for pets that came with the injection kit. He swabs Andrew’s hand with iodine, carefully pinches and pulls up a fold of skin on the top of his hand to create a tent of flesh, and with the other hand slides the syringe into the subcutaneous layer known as the fascia, just below the surface.

Then he plunges the plastic handle and withdraws the needle. A small crowd of onlookers applauds. The first subject of the day has been successfully chipped.

Over the course of the weekend, Andrew would be one of eight people to undergo the RFID implantation among the 500 or so attendees of Toorcamp, a hacker conference and retreat near the northwest corner of Washington State. Graafstra’s “implantation station” was set up in the open air: Any camper willing to spend $30 and sign a liability waiver could have the implantation performed, and after the excitement of Andrew’s injection, a small line formed to be next.

And why volunteer to be injected with a chip that responds to radio signals with a unique identifier, a procedure typically reserved for tracking pets and livestock? “I thought it would be cool,” says Andrew, when we speak at a picnic table a few minutes after his injection. (The pain, he tells me, was only a short pinch, followed by a “weird feeling of a foreign body sliding into my hand.”)

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  • wandamurline

    Andrew is an idiot…now he can be on anyone’s radar….he just lost his freedom from being tracked…does mark of the beast ring a bell?

  • Mick

    We the people are now we the subjects..

  • blue

    It has started. Expect terrible changes to come.

  • Rob

    The time to Stop it NOW!!!!

    • It would be good if we could stop it – I fear that it is way too late. The beast has been planning this since our Civil War.

      • scxjpfe

        Actually planning since the fall from grace in the garden

  • Edmund Ruffin

    I agree with Wanda, Andrew is an idiot and so is anyone who volunteers for this procedure.

  • CaptTurbo

    Well, I’m glad it has been approved for livestock since it will be used on so many sheep.

  • Mark of the “BEAST” Tagging the “SLAVES of SATAN”. Dumb little “SHEEPLE”. Next the slaughter house.

  • Laxfield

    The beginning of the end and governements ability to control every aspect of our lives.

  • I wrote against any of the computers in a car giving out a signal so the car can be located, or so they can store your driving locations of the day. Now this? How can people be so stupid but then again we are talking about a nation that voted the Usurper Obama into office without even caring what he said. What a nation of zombies and sheep we have become.

    • CSN

      I drive a ’93 Oldsmobile…no computers in my car except the minimal ones. Go buy a junker and fix it.

      • sue

        that is why the Gov did cash for clunkers,so there would be less available and more would have the computer it had nothing to do with air, most got as good gas milage and less smog

      • lilsis4jc

        I heard its in all cars after 89

        • CSN

          Not the way my car runs….

  • ginger

    The Bible tells us this is another sign of the end times…just wait “till the gov’t decides that if you do not have the chip you will not be able to buy or sell..just keeps getting better doesn’t it?

  • Why do you think “the Tattoo and Body Piercing Craze” have been being crammed down the throats of everyone so hard by the Main Stream Media and the Hollywood Perverts? It’s been nothing more than clever Product-Placement for the Satan Worshipers of the New World Order!

  • reggiec

    How many RFID chips are already present in society? They do not have to be in your body. They can be put into cell phones, lap tops, cars, appliances or any item someone wants to track, monitor or control. I believe California is going to require RF devices in appliances that will allow them to turn off your heater/airconditioner,etc if you use too much electricity. Cell phones and the users location can now be tracked.
    Want to stop it in its tracks? Force congress to pass a law that requires written and verbal notification of the placement of any RFID chip placed in any item to the user of that item. Failure to make that notification would result in a $250,000 fine for each failure to notify.

  • vietnamvet1971

    They can Stick those implants where the sun does not shine, Up Theirs.

  • Typical brain dead yuppie….this country stinks from here to the far reaches of Hell with brain dead yuppies—the kind who so cheerfully surrendered all of their rights to the Bush regime so they could be “safe from terrorism”—worthless piss ants like this “Andrew” vote; that is why this country is worse than dead right now.

  • A yuppie walked into the doctor’s office one day with a canary perched on his head—standard drill: please be seated and the doctor will see you shortly. Eventually the clown walks in to see the MD who says,”What can I do for you today?” The yuppie doesn’t answer but merely maintains a blank stare with a vacuous grin on his face—however, the canary speaks up and says, “I want this hemorrhoid removed” —–that hemorrhoid’s name was Andrew.

  • dbassd

    It is the mark of the beast, and I will always refuse such tyranny. . .

  • michael

    “He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16-17
    The mark of the beast has begun. I beg of all of you to deeply consider your eternity before allowing yourself to even consider receiving an implant into your hand or forehead. Mark these words. This WILL be required eventually.

  • CSN

    I’ll be darned if I’ll be chipped like a dog on a leash, and hunted down like the same too.

  • Donald Berrian

    I thought these things proved to be a (small) cancer risk when they were used to keep track of pets.

  • OH HELL NO!!!!

  • Darrell Lynch

    Stupid bastards! Not me, not now, nor ever!

  • kingdombusiness



  • Var1abl3

    I am not so concerned. The RFID tag only allows for minimal tracking. You need to be within about 20 feet to read it and the only thing you read is the ID number. It does not store any information about you it is just an ID number. That said I can see some very interesting uses for such a tag. Never get locked out of your house again. Just install an RFID reader to the lock on your door (many offices already have this) so when you walk up to your locked front door and grab the handle it automatically unlocks. There are many new cars that use the same “key less” entry and start based on the RFID built into your cars “key”. Heck I have an enhanced drivers license that has an RFID tag, I have a good to go pass in my car and it is RFID. Also this is not the governement forcing you to get your “mark of the beast” it is some nerd wanting one for the reasons I just stated as well as some others he may think of. Heck even this nerd has thought about using my dogs RFID tag to authenticate him when he wants to come into the dog door. Just think a dog door that is always locked (no racoons or possum sneaking in) except when my dog is within a few feet of the reader. Just my $0.02

  • rhea

    what the hell is America blind . we will all be in concentration camps soon

  • iodine


  • d00d

    Wow – so much uninformed opinion in the commentary. RFID itself is harmelss. The kid is stupid to have the chip injected, but RFID chips are in your keys, credit cards, etc, *today*. It’s just a tracking tool, and a lot less nefarious than the kind of tracking that is routinely done by Google, Facebook, and every other website with a lot of traffic.

    This RFID blather just distracts from the many real intrusions on your privacy that you don’t know about because they’re not done in public view.

  • If we were ever forced to have a chip injected it would not be very hard to remove, That is if your not a pussy.

  • kaj

    Pure insanity

  • yalpsnor

    Mark of the beast

  • Doris

    I am concerned about the energy monitors that are apparently already being put on houses to report consumption. They have apparently been found to cause a number of mental and physical health problems, including cancer.