Obama accuses GOP of trying to “Swift Boat” him over bin Laden killing, leaks (+video)

By Mark Hosenball. Barack Obama’s re-election campaign on Wednesday accused Republicans of trying to “Swift Boat” the president, a reference to hardball smear tactics used to attack the war record of Democratic Senator John Kerry when he unsuccessfully challenged George W. Bush for the White House in 2004.

Reuters reported on Tuesday that a group of former U.S. intelligence and Special Forces operatives was preparing to launch a media campaign, including TV ads, that scolds Obama for taking credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden and accuses his administration of leaking U.S. secrets for political advantage.

The group, the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund Inc, unveiled a documentary-style video featuring interviews with former spies and U.S. military commandos on Wednesday.

The Obama campaign hit back.

“The Republicans are resorting to ‘Swift Boat’ tactics because when it comes to foreign policy and national security, Mitt Romney has offered nothing but reckless rhetoric,” said campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt. Read more from this story HERE.

Here’s the alleged “Swift Boat”-type documentary that Obama is so concerned about:

  • Audrey

    What a nerve Obama has, he ramrods all types of mandates and executive orders down Americans throats and then has the nerve to complain when someone says somethng about him. Obama, man up and shut up, I, for one am sick of your comrade and dictatorial ways. You haven’t become our dictator yet You say and do anythig you want, not caring how bad it hurts America and American citizens. You always blame other for you mistakes. As you pastor said, your chickens are coming home to roost

    • Joe Diver

      AMEN – preach on girl….

  • wandamurline

    Being the paranoid that I am, I don’t believe that the president k i l l e d bin Laden….because bin Laden had kidney disease, I believe that he had been deceased for three to five years and that is why the videos stopped and only audio was sent to threaten us. I do believe that the Al Quada probably had put in an imposter (like the president is concerning his citizenship) to keep the masses together. I saw a BBC investigative reporter (yes, there are some left, just not in America) and she was interviewing an Afghan man who said we had made an mistaken identity raid, that the man shot was his former neighbor and called his name….this is why no pictures, and this is why the seals helicopter was shot down about a month later. Call me what you want, but when you start connecting the dots, you get a different picture than what is painted by the lamestream media. Besides Jarrett had made Leion Panetta completely responsible for the raid as Obumer had put it off for over three months because of his polls. When it started, they had to go get the “one” off the golf course and the picture is a complete photo opt of them watching as the site was down that morning. Get the picture.

    • Ron

      I agree with you Obama never killed bin laden he had been dead for years . this was just a planned photo op to take the heat off the birth certificate.forgery .

    • ttj

      No photos…hardly any eyewitnesses…no other hard evidence presented to the public…just a lot of big headlines and backslapping. It’s hard even to be sure if this guy existed in the first place or whether he was some kind of fictional character made up to terrorize people.

  • Hilda Curtis

    We will overcome, God Bless America!!. Thanks to all the MEN who made this video.. The person / persons that revealed this information should spend the rest of their life in PRISON.

  • Douglas

    Having read some of the comments i realized some people just don’t get it. But the one person you would hope gets it would be the Bums in Washington. I thought that if Obama during the 2008 elections got elected this country was going to be in big trouble based on all reports regarding his connections and friends he associated with…obviously since we didn’t have any other information about this guy or his records all we could conclude was what was being introduced concerning Billy Ayers, Risso (?) and Jones, Davis and a long list of people that had questionable backgrounds.

    Obama and many others in Washington that allowed this all to take place without as much as a word..should be brought up before the courts and charged with treason..and high crimes against America and the American people, then after sentence sent to Gitmo, Cuba.

  • amr

    First, the statement, “trying to “Swift Boat” the president, a reference to hardball smear tactics used to attack the war record of Democratic Senator John Kerry” a smear tactic? Such use indicates untrue tactics were used. Anyone who uses minor wounds or scratches one might say, one possibly accidentally self inflected, who uses a little known 3 wound regulation to get out of a combat zone and who later wants to be C-In-C, deserves to be exposed.
    Second, sad to say, but this President cannot be believed regardless what he says based on his past speaking record. This President, unlike President Bush in a similar investigation, has not pledged to open all his staff for questioning by the FBI.
    Third, regardless of the former military and CIA personeel statments, our government has allowed information to leak that would make any person willing to help us think twice about doing so. The leaks outside of President Bush’s staff did great harm to our WOT; these leaks go beyond that.

  • This man is treasonous. From the first time he was elected he has worked to weaken our country from within to make it easier for an attack. Remember, Greece, Rome, Holy Roman Empire. All crumbled from within before they were ever attacked from the outside.

  • CSN

    It’s hard to admit you’re a “Benedict Arnold” isn’t it Obama!

  • These leaks were acts of treason and those responsible should be dealt with accordingly!

    • Salvatore A Apicelli, Texas

      You aer so right Richard. He is a traitor. But who will stand up and prosecute him? The corrupt DOJ?

  • Richard Brophy

    The Republicans are telling the TRUTH, and of course Obama is AGAINST IT because he doesn’t like his dirty laundry being aired publicly. This man is not only the worst and most dishonest President we have ever had, he is simply one of the most dishonest people I’ve ever known in my lifetime! He is despicable TRAITOR to the American people and must be removed from office this November. If he wins, woe to all of us …

  • wbbuckelew

    He is putting our soldiers and operatives in harms way, while trying to make himself look like a leader. He is a coward and will only do what Valerie Jarrett allows him to do!

  • It had to have come from the white house as who else would have classified info. Oh maybe Axlerod who has access to these meetings.

  • Salvatore A Apicelli, Texas

    What a bunch of whiners. The American people are on to Obama’s agenda to destroy America and to reshape it into his fraudulent utopia. Now that the Republicans have a backbone and are punching back(with facts, not lies), they cry foul. Where is your plan Mr. Obama? All you want to do is carry out your fathers dream of destroying the things that have made America great.

    • Joe1938

      Salvatore,The perverted communist Frank Marshall Davis is bayrack’s real father.

  • If they are I HOPE it works!

  • Joe1938

    “Smear tactics” Hosenball/Joe Miller?!! “Smear tactics”?! There were no “smear tactics” about Swift Boat. The VETs of that time were presenting facts about the left wing liberal suck egg dog coward John Kerry!

    The former U.S. intelligence and Special Forces operatives, just as the Swift Boaters did, only have to present the facts about bayrack. If someone can’t list about 20 facts about bayrack that would have us serfs in jail, they live on another planet.

    • joewmiller

      I agree Joe. Poor choice of words in Hosenball’s article. Thanks for pointing that out.