Obama’s Black Law School Classmate, Former Dem Congressman Artur Davis, Fires up GOP in Tampa (+video)

By The Root. Next to former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the most widely touted African-American speaker at this week’s Republican National Convention is a man best known on the national stage for his passionate support of President Obama at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

What a different four years can make.

In 2008, then-congressman and former Obama law-school classmate Artur Davis was one of a handful of black Democratic rising stars, including Newark Mayor Cory Booker, California elected official Kamala Harris and others, credited with ushering in an Obama-era of post civil rights generation political leaders. Since then Davis had his rise up the political ladder abruptly halted by a bruising primary loss in the Alabama governor’s race.

His announcement earlier this year that he had officially left the party he had once represented in Congress and become a registered Republican was met with cheers in conservative circles and skepticism among Democrats who have branded him a “sore loser.” The DNC has even used him as fodder for a campaign ad. Tuesday evening, Davis is slated to address the Republican National Convention. “The Romney campaign engaged me in conversations midsummer about doing activities for them as a surrogate in Virginia and other states, and at some of those conversations they brought up the idea of me speaking at the convention, and I decided to do it,” Davis told The Root. Read more at Root HERE.

Here’s his speech in Tampa last night:

  • raynbene

    It was a breath of fresh air to hear him speak last night ! 10 minutes of clarity which this country needs so much, what a speech !
    Mr. Davis, welcome home ! ! Could there be a cabinet appointment in his future, perhaps ?

  • Brabbie2002

    Hey! He has the right idea! It is going to take republicans, Independents, the Tea Party, and, yes, the Democrats to get this country and economy turned around and headed in the right direction! We need both sides of “the aisle” to get together to get the government out of our lives and pockets, to balance the budget, to get a health system so everyone can afford it without mandating a government intervention, we need to protect our seniors who have paid taxes to a system that now threatens them with bankruptcy, and we ALL need to come together to make sure this happens!

  • Nathan

    As an Alabamian, I used to dismiss Artur Davis as just another liberal democrat. What a wonderful surprise to hear his speech. Now Alabama can take credit for both Davis and Condoleezza Rice. It makes me proud. Indeed, I think he did more to further his political future last night than ever before.

  • Remember who you are. If that is not the theme of this campaign, it should be.

  • He was absolutely fabulous last night, not just because he woke up, but he isn’t afraid to say it like it is. He is not a black man or afro-American the political correct term, but he is an American.

    • cherokee_warrior

      Gloria, You have that right, He laid it on the line, he did not mince words, Wonder if Obama’s ears were burning? Surely hope that they were.

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    • dhutch

      I went and checked these executive orders and many of them were given by JFK. It just shows you how far left JFK really was. Another one I found was given by Ford. don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself.