Part II: Arrested Marine Vet: Patriot or Nutcase Revolutionary?

Mr. Raub’s Facebook apparently became active in the fall of 2011, about the time his mother said he left the Marines. His initial posting dealt with fairly conventional topics like the national debt:

He was also apparently supportive of Ron Paul and made a number of postings throughout 2011 and 2012 like the following:

Mr. Raub apparently started something called the Richmond Liberty Movement that advocated for “Personal Freedoms, Respect for the Rule of Law and the Constitution, and Sound Money” and noted, “Let the Revolution begin”:

The most recent posting on the Facebook page for Richmond Liberty Movement was November 11, 2011, and the content on it is not too different than what might be found on other Liberty-oriented pages:

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    Raub isn’t a nut. He’s a patriot! He’s trying to reach people out there that doesn’t have a clue what is happening at the WH and what their Obama and his Administrations plans are for our future. The WH crossed the line and I’m afraid that with Holder and Obama in charge this won’t be the end. You have to agree with them or you will get arrested. They are Chicago bullies and breaking the law arresting Raub like they did. They are ignoring US laws and twisting it around to fit their evil doings. Raub did the right thing and I hope thousands of people who saw this and stands up for him! The people who are trying to overthrow our government is our President, Holder and their Chicago friends. It’s pretty clear to me who the nut cases are.

    • Bob

      Maybe he is reaching the People, and that scares the crap out of the Marxist Progressives. That is what the democratic party has become.

      • It is deeper than the Marxist Progressives. Much higher on the pyramid than that. Those who are scared, knows what unification of the People worldwide could do! We fooled them almost out of existence in the year 1000 (research the end of times agenda pulled on them during that time period) and they just re-swindled all their wealth back, so here we are today, still dealing with them.

  • Luke

    I see nothing he should be arrested for, I think they are arresting the wrong man. I think they should be arresting Obozo for impersonating a President of the United States when he has no idea what the hell he is doing.

    • Diane

      I agree with you, except the “he has no idea what the hell he is doing”. He knows exactly what he is doing. He thinks America is an arrogant nation, that needs to be brought down and what better way to do that than to bankrupt us, bring in Muslim law, and try to get us to be governed by the United Nations. And so on and so on. Everytime I see his face, I want to PUKE!

      • daveveselenak

        Diane, you speak the truth. The sin is that the conservative so-called pundits are afraid to tell the truth like most of us out here in the heartland are willing to tell. Our forefathers are rolling over in their graves at the lack of resistance to this new Hitler and his state-run press! Why the hell isn’t this story being told to America? We are living in the USSA – that’s why!

    • He isn’t suppose to know what he is doing, he is doing exactly as he is told to do!

  • ginger

    And so it begins…and just who decides what is treasonous speech…or advocating “revolution”? I see nothing of the sort in the posts…but then, I am a rational person.

    • And nothing wrong with a revolution! Is there? It worked before, right? But to answer your question, the government, and we the people gave them all the power that they wield today.

  • Diane

    He was arrested because the current administration is afraid of people like Raub, who is willing to stand up for Liberty and Justice. Just look at Biden…he likened the Tea Party Patriots to Terrorists. We are not going to go away, and the closer to election day, the worse it is going to get.

  • CSN

    Who is threatening whom is the question here? This man speaks for Liberty and the Constitution. If people in the White House seek to overthrow the US Constitution and Government and Liberty as we now know it, are not they the offenders rather than this Marine? Pray tell….what do we expect next? Is not Communism tyranny in the worst respect? Since when does Communism/Fascism/Socialism become part of the Constitution, and a Patriot seeking to inform the public about the Federal Reserve Bankrupters and the Ron Paul Revolution get jail time?

  • Concerned citizen

    Govt’s are scared of the truth coming out, they can’t and won’t stop all of us, it is our country and they need to leave their positions as they are criminal, it’s time for change, yesterday. Who the hell do they think they are..

  • huntingfreedominAmerica

    Our so call President wants to bring fear to the masses to speak out. Obama is evil and his hunchmen he has gave power. Most are unelected by the people or approved by Congress or the Senate. This is when we should have demanded the constitution be up held. We want to blame the Congress but it’s our weakness in taking a stand on the bill of rights and the constitution. We don’t have to go nuts to get the point through to the far left. But we know if people don’t vote Obama will surely get back in. So do your job get the vote out to take Obama out of office. We can’t talk about God or family or marriage or our feelings about the tea party or guns, and if you do you are how a danger to the liberal agenda. Our only way is to get every living breathing person that enjoys freedom to vote for freedom while we still can. Freedom is not free.

  • Impeach Obama

    OMW, the government is truly out of control! I can’t see ONE thing he posted that he should have been arrested for!
    This is insanity, or actually, this is socialism!

  • marineh2ominer

    The people that arrested Raub are NOT Americans , American law enforcement only arrests criminals . Many today wear a badge just to hide behind and bully Americans , but no REAL American law official has morphed from ” to protect and serve ” ” to intimidate and Harrase ” or advanced to the latest step ” to abuse and murder ” ,

  • Bill Nada

    I really love how everyone leaves out the posts where he talks about leading a revolution that is starting soon, how such and such people will pay, that other revolutionaries should come strapped, & how he is sharpening axes to take some heads. Song lyrics or not, a guy saying this sort of stuff sporting a gun needs to be looked into.

    All his defenders wouldn’t be saying this nonsense if he was threatening them. Its just a way to push their BS conspiracy beliefs. Sure our rights are being taken away, while Alex Jones blabbers all day long about the impending take over, and people freely say all this nonsense online. Sorry if you can’t see the inherent contradiction in that you should not be breeding or voting.

    • Bill Nada

      ***I retract the “strapped” part.

    • Care to post those comments?

  • He it is right, it has started. This is the seventh? eighth person unofficially arrested and detained this year, for the same exact thing, speaking Truth and alerting the public.

  • Sherry

    What an outrage, I think the person they should be arresting is King Kadashian, he is a disgrace to our country. Do they really think they can scare us so we can comment on anything. Ovummit should be tried for treason just like biden, pelosi and reid should be his jail mates.

  • Jack Broderick

    The problem is that this president doesn’t like to be criticised for violating the Constitution. The Marine did nothing criminal he was exercising his constitutional 1st amendmaent rights. He didn’t threaten the president he merely don’t like the direction this country of ours is being led into by a president who thinks he can snub his nose at the Constitution and laws of the United States.

  • another dissatisfied Marine

    From what I can see, his writings don’t differ in anything but language from what anyone else has written in the comments… Although it makes a catchy slogan, and probably would have escaped negative attention if it had been identified by Brandon Raub as a campaign slogan, “Let the Revolution Begin” was probably a poor choice of words considering the political climate and I expect that was what prompted the official action. But I don’t care what they try to call it, when you are handcuffed against your will and brought before someone who makes a decision about your immediate freedom, you’ve been arrested.

  • rmwayne

    Raub is absolutely right. The real criminals are Obama and his henchmen.

  • USMC Vet.

    Well when we look deeper into the matter it is not in that he was threatining a somone or not but that he threatned the government, but in all reality our govt should be threatened, they should know that we the people will not stand for corrupt tyranny’s and personally i’ll just move to the south and prey for secession. There is no need for such a corrupt selfish government.