RNC picks Chris Christie to give keynote in Tampa

Photo credit: IowaPolitics.com

Chris Christie, the sometimes abrasive but always entertaining governor of New Jersey, is set to be announced Tuesday as the keynote speaker for the Republicans’ national convention later this month.

Christie, who considered a 2012 presidential bid of his own before endorsing former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, is already at work on his speech to the convention in Tampa, Fla.

His record of cutting his state’s budget, curtailing public sector unions and dealing with a Democratic legislature with disarming and combative confidence all were expected to be on display as he looked to fire up his party’s base.

The scheduling decision was first reported online by USA Today early Tuesday and confirmed by Republican officials directly involved in convention planning. The Republican officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because the formal announcement was not planned until later Tuesday.

“I’ll try to tell some very direct and hard truths to people in the country about the trouble that we’re in and the fact that fixing those problems is not going to be easy for any of them,” Christie told USA Today in an interview announcing his speech. He said he will describe his experiences in New Jersey as evidence that “the American people are ready to confront those problems head-on and endure some sacrifice.”

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  • Grelberforever

    Great speaker, but a little too chummy with the muslim brotherhood up there. He could NEVER get my vote. But that’s what he gets for hosting them at a big dinner and calling them his friend.

  • Dan Nowotarski

    Congratulations to Rep. Paul Ryan for being Mitt Romney’s VP pick, I feel some relief that Rep. Chris Christie wasn’t chosen because I will not give support to anyone who supports terrorists or appeasers of terrorism as he has done with Mohammed Qatanani. I don’t understand Rep. Chris Christie’s motive for giving support to Mohammed Qatanani, but I see no good in it. God Bless America.

  • rjschundlr

    I know Chris Christie, and I do not think we should spot light him at the National Convention. He does not have what it takes to be President, he is not able to delegate decision making responsibilities, and he can only handle a few issues at a time.
    At the National Convention we should high light future national leaders … Gov. Chris Christie is what New Jersey needs at the moment, but not at the national level. He might someday make a good Senator, where he can focus on a few issues.

  • CSN

    Christie is a good blowhard, but he’s certainly not the pick Paul Ryan is for VP, and I agree with people below that he’s too chummy with the Muslim Brotherhood. I hear, from sources, that the “Brotherhood” gives money to people to back them up, and gives very large sums of money to back them up. Remember the Saudi Kings back Muslim Brotherhood. All of these extremists are just another day in the life of Muslims in the Middle East, who want to dominate the Countries at large, and perhaps the world. Kinda makes one uneasy doesn’t it? Jews that formerly lived in Iran had to leave for their lives and come to the USA, as have most of the Christians. All that is left in the Middle East of Christians is the Coptic Christians, and they are getting targeted by the Muslim Brotherhood. USA is complicit in all of this, and it wears me down to even discuss it….very disheartening that so many don’t see they are betraying America and our Military by doing all of this. How many men have died? How many people died in 911? Who’s taking care of whom?

  • gracentruth

    I stand for Dr. Ron Paul – no compromise with God’s country, America. Peace, Back to the constitution – per our founding fathers.

  • Yeshua friend

    Chris Christie in my book is nothing more than a arrogant overstuffed lawyer politician, which is a disgrace to our Nation. I would much rather hear someone like Michele Bachmann or Allen West, that have both good common sense and decency! Shalom!