RNC/Romney’s Effort to Handpick Delegates for Future Conventions Defeated by Texas/Ron Paul Supporters

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

Republican leaders moved Monday to quell an uprising by Texans and Ron Paul supporters that threatened to steal the spotlight from GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney and expose rifts in the party right as its nominating convention got under way.

Under a compromise reached late Monday, Romney supporters and GOP leaders agreed to back down from a proposed rule change that effectively would have allowed presidential nominees to choose what delegates represent them at national conventions.

The proposed change was aimed at muting the power of insurgent candidates such as Tea Party favorite Ron Paul but prompted an uproar from Texas Republicans, who select their delegates through successive votes in conventions at precincts, then districts and finally statewide.

Butch Davis, a member of the RNC Rules Committee who fought off the proposal, said the existing Texas system often elevates grassroots activists and party faithful toiling in the trenches, but the proposed change would have instead allowed GOP leaders and presidential candidates to hand-select delegates and reward donors with delegate spots.

“We believe in Texas as a principle that no presidential candidate nor the RNC should be able to tell Texas who can or cannot be a delegate to the national convention,” Davis said.

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  • reggiec

    Whistling past the graveyard
    I believe the reaction of the left to the beginnings of limiting government, forced on congress through the influence of TEA party activists is pure unadulterated fear. How else can you explain their descent into the cesspool of lies they have promoted in recent advertisements. The establishment, elite GOP is also feeling the pressure. Their bluster, name calling, primary shenanigans and dire warnings of disaster are evoked by fear of ghosts from the past reincarnated in the grass roots activist organizations. Look at the recent rule changes concerning the delegates to the Republican convention. The elite are making every attempt to exclude grass root delegates from any influence. Their fear is real, it is part of the liberal and go along to get long RINO elite cell structure including being able to reward their donors as Obama has with energy loans; it has been embedded in their brains for decades. They have to be wetting their pants after the Kansas Republican Primary. Nearly every establishment Republican lost to a Conservative (17 out of 22).
    It is the fear that the American people will realize that our Founding Fathers really had it right. The modern liberal/RINO rhetoric is completely destroyed when stacked against the ideals of those grave yard ghosts in the form of our Founding Father’s spirits. The Liberal/RINO fear is that we have finally awakened and have had enough. The recent primary victories by Conservative candidates in 2012 elections got their attention like a knuckle sandwich and they are whistling past the graveyard. Let them hear us ROAR in November! THIS IS OUR COUNTRY AND WE WANT IT BACK!!!
    It may take a while but vote Conservative for every level in government and make sure we bury them with a huge voter turnout this November.