Ron Paul declines speaking slot at Tampa after Romney demands preapproval, unqualified endorsement

The libertarian Republican presidential candidate says he’s declined an opportunity to speak at the Republican National Convention in Tampa because Mitt Romney’s campaign imposed two conditions on any Paul speech — that it be reviewed by the nominee-to-be’s team and that it include an endorsement without hesitation or reservation.

“It wouldn’t be my speech,” the Texas congressman told the New York Times. “That would undo everything I’ve done in the last 30 years. I don’t fully endorse him for president.”

Pundits noted that the uncompromising attitude that has won Paul a national following also limits his clout within the GOP.

“Uncompromising and perfectly willing to operate on the margins of mainstream politics for decades, Ron Paul proved unable to take his liberty message to a broader audience,” Charlie Mahtesian wrote today in Politico. “Even this year, at the height of his national influence and popularity, the Texas congressman failed to win the popular vote in a single state and never seriously threatened to win the GOP nomination.”

But inside the University of South Florida’s Sun Dome, where Paul is holding a celebration of his candidacy today, supporters say Paul’s unyielding principles are why they love him. Jordan Page, a singer who has penned several ballads about the Texas congressman, called Paul “the one sane voice in a sea of madness.”

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  • I am sorry but I consider Mr. Paul way out there. While he talks a good talk, how many bills did he actually get passed for the good of the American people?

    • reggiec

      How many of the Republican “go along to get along” establishment elite prevented most of his bills from even being considered.

    • EVERY ONE… and the ones that matter… Audit the FED for one. And he voted NO on EVERY piece of legislation that was unconstitutional… that in itself shows his commitment to the American People.

      Democracy is 5 wolves and one sheep voting whats for dinner… A republic covers that sheep’s ass in the vote.

      So Judy, knowing what I just told you…

      What part of the Constitution DO you disagree with???

    • CSN

      Know yet not who controls most of our legislators? They wouldn’t let his bills pass, because it would have rained on their under the table money grabbing tactics of taking bribes from the lobbyists. Every last one of our legislators, Paul excluded, have taken Lobbyist money, which makes them Millionaires when they leave office. How???? Taking bribes is killing American Sovereignty, exporting jobs to China under Democrats and Republicans, and destroying America in general. Can we really rely on another 4 years of failed policies, whoever gets President?

  • CSN

    He would have been the nominee but the PTB would not allow it. If you think Romney isn’t a Globalist, wait until he gets in office. He won’t change a thing. I even doubt if he’ll try to rollback Obamacare, but rather implement Romneycare. After this problem with Akin and the bashing he received for really supporting no exception to abortion, I’m totally disconnecting myself from the Republican Party Platform. In Case of Rape, Incest and to save the life of the Mother are manufactured problems which inherently and practically do not exist. Both the Mother and the Baby should be protected. If you are not Pro-Life in all stages of life from Womb to the end of life issue, then you’re not Pro-Life at all. Ann Coulter is not really Pro-Life….she backs those clauses which are the reason Abortion has never ended, nor will ever end in America.

    • James

      So true, I do not identify as a republican any more either. The have become true democrats while the democrats have moved to the socialist spot on the spectrum. Obama or Romney either way it is an illusion of choice and there will be little difference. Socialism will be the same result.

  • Bob

    So the Moron Majority in this country once again prove that they have the brains of an out house door knob… other non-news for the masses…

  • reggiec

    This is called “controlling the message” and sounds familiar. The Obama administration has been caught doing the same thing with news stories. It seems both parties now want to exclude any speach that might stray off the reservation. No messages allowed that might cause the electorate to question the standard elite approved message.

    • speedle

      No, this is called making an effort to not give the media fodder to divert attention away from the issues related to Obama’s failures and onto some sound bite from left field that Paul utters.

      If the conservatives in this country lose this election it will be on you morons who can’t accept less than 100% of what you want. God help us if that happens.

      • James

        God help us if Obama or Romney wins, either way we will be going to hell in a hand basket, red or blue it will matter little.

  • Being that Mittens (COUGH… RINO!!!) is pulling this crap MAKING delegates go with the preemptive nominee instead of allowing them to vote their conscience PROVES without a reasonable doubt that this man is just as much a Fascist as OConMan… JUST SAYIN