U.S. Chamber: Law of the Sea Treaty Will Pass

The head of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce– the nation’s premier group representing business interests — said Thursday that he believes the U.S. Senate will pass the Law of the Sea Treaty during its next session.

Despite Tom Donahue’s prediction, the international treaty has been languishing in the Senate for three decades. Just last month, a total of 34 Republican senators went on record as opposing the treaty — and since a two-thirds vote of the Senate is needed to pass it, the treaty seemed as dead as ever.

Donahue told a breakfast of the American Security Project, a bipartisan think tank, that he believes some of those Republicans will change their minds, although it’s hard for them to align themselves with the nation’s top Democrat during a presidential election year.

According to Donahue, passing the treaty is vital to America’s economic and security interests. He says that without it, the United States will not have a seat at the table when it comes to developing offshore oil and gas beyond its 200-mile territorial limit.

Alaska Sens. Mark Begich and Lisa Murkowski both welcomed the news, although a spokesperson for Begich seemed doubtful that Republicans could manage such an about-face.

But Murkowski, a moderate Republican, said she thought such a turnaround could indeed take place. She says that modifcations to the treaty have made it a much better deal for the U.S., and that it would be foolish for the U.S. not to adopt the updated version of the treaty.

“We have been doing serious mapping off the coast of Alaska off our northern waters,” Murkowski said. “And (the treaty provides) the opportunity to claim an area about the size of the state of California, that we could effectively annex as part of an area that would be able to control.”

More conservative Republicans disagree including Joe Miller, Murkowski’s former rival for her Senate seat.

“To transfer two-thirds of the earth’s surface over to the governance of the United Nations is just a crazy thought,” Miller said Thursday. “And whether or not there’s some short-term economic benefit, (it) is a terrible thing to do, if you love this country and are really supporting its continued sovereignty.”

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  • Silly_Dog

    Bombard your Senators with calls, faxes and emails demanding that they vote against this law!!! We need to boot the UN out of the United States!!!

  • dbassd

    Get the UN out of the US now, ASAP. What is it going to take to wake up our fearless elected leaders? Guns? We are ready for that now. . .

    • daveveselenak

      Now your talking. It is apparent to me, at least, that all this voting and petitioning for this two-headed one party system is absolutely futile; even though we stop an unconstitutional act or bill, it will be overturned by the communist judges i. e. , the “Death Cre Bil is a good example. I say states need to start manning militias, let’s give these worthless deagogues something to fear!

      • dbassd

        try Americannationalmilitia dot com. They are doing something that is about to break. Long and hard to listen to but I believe they are the answer. . .
        RON PAUL IN 2012

  • TexRancher

    If this LOST passes, it’ll be because of TRAITORS in Congress!

    • deebar

      Tex , We have no representation and haven’t for years . Any one that thinks they’re on our side is delusional at best . We are farther down the road to socialism/marxism than most realize . We’ve been in a socialistic system for years . We need to get our Constitution to once again say “For America” instead of “Of America” and get the deed back for DC ! End the Corporation !

  • siteunseen

    Contact Senators. In Oregon we have two very Liberal Senators (not much hope there), but it is needed to contact them, to stop this thing before it gets into our faces. I don’t see how this can be Constitutionally sound, but right now The Constitution seems to be eroding away more every single day, with the Gun Control advocates and the Bohemian Grove in full speed ahead.

  • Boy they really do want riots in the streets.

  • Not if I have anything to say about it!
    I have hated the Chamber of Commerce for years, mainly because they talk the talk, but won’t walk the walk!
    They also lie, cheat, steal and will do anything to hurt one community’s appeal to people to play up another’s!
    This is only another trick to make themselves look better in their own publications! They are neither good Americans nor good businessmen!



  • Vern

    How can the folks in Congress think that this would be good for America.
    Nothing the UN does is good for America so get out now. All they do is take out money.

  • deebar

    As someone that made his living in AK. owning a commercial fishing business this is unacceptable . However my thoughts are that the U.N.. is either a friend (a place in the sun) of the politicians or a very real threat . I have no doubt that it will be close . Dems want socialism today , Republicans want it tomorrow . Our politicians have no intention of going against the U.N. ! !

  • ordinary citizen

    Defund the UN! We don’t need the UN tells us what to do! We must protect our sovereignty!