Video: Abortionist kills “ugly black babies” to do taxpayers a favor

In the following short clip you will hear a conversation a few folks with OSA had with Ron Virmani, an abortionist from Charlotte, NC on July 26, 2012.  The racist overtones of the abortion industry come through loud and clear.

  • CSN

    What a wretched man. He’s trying to say he’s taking it off the Taxpayors backs when in reality all babies saved from Abortions are adopted out to families who will love them, especially through Catholic Charities. This guy murders Black Babies because he thinks he’s doing the world a favor. He’s a true apostle of Margaret Sanger, the mother of Abortion and Birth Control who advocated those practices to keep the minorities dead.

    • Me

      What a good agctor he is, able to convince CSN and Joe Miller that he really is an abortionist, when he really is paid by the Catholic Church.

  • bobfairlane

    Where’s the rest of the video? It looks like they antagonized him for a soundbite, which is why he slammed the door on them. Why do any whites want to adopt black babies though? What fhe thuck is wrong with them?