Video: Arrest of Brandon J Raub

Here’s an apparent video of Marine Veteran, Brandon J Raub, honorably discharged just this past year, being arrested yesterday by local law enforcement, apparently with the FBI and Secret Service standing by. According to his mother, he was taken into custody simply because of his patriotic Facebook postings. Click HERE for the interview with his mother, shortly after this arrest.

  • rose

    where is the video?I can’t see it.

  • I would like to see the posts themselves.

    • The facebook posts, that is.
      Any links to those?

      • joewmiller

        We’re working on a follow-up article. Should be up later today and will include posts.

    • Delores109

      After 1 week, locked up in a Psycho Ward, an honest Judge ordered that Brandon J. Raub be RELEASED IMMEDIATELY. He ruled that his postings were FREE SPEECH. Today, Twitter is allowing DEATH THREATS against Ann Romney. That is NOT free speech.
      That is criminal if a woman holds a great big knife, and says she would like to kill Ann Romney. It is an orchestrated event, and the more people that do it, the easier it will be to find out who is involved.
      Delores Smith
      [email protected]

  • Delores109

    Obama, in my opinion, has been begging for a Revolution in order to enact emergency powers to take greater control of us. Obama has already written an Executive Order to enact Martial Law. The media is reporting this. There is no way that Brandon J. Raub could have resisted arrested, because he was quickly handcuffed at his home. This is seen in the “arrest” video. POLICE: How does a man resist arrest when he is handcuffed?. At the time of his arrest and being handcuffed, he asked, “Where are taking me?” None would answer, nor did they read him his Miranda Rights, Police cannot say that they were not arresting him then…because they handcuffed him. This is an illegal arrest. You took him to a mental hospital, without a doctor or his family petitioning him to be admitted. RELEASE BRANDON J. RAUB at once. Don’t try to explain any of this away, except with FACTS. I support MITT ROMNEY, but Ron Paul e-mails me consistently using the word Revolution. Raub may be using the word as meaning “change.” Obama is actually looking for an active Revolution. I tell people to go to the polls.
    Delores Smith [email protected]

  • CSN

    Frightening to say the least!

  • daveveselenak

    America, you better wake up! We are living in AMERIKA now. What happened here could and will happen to anyone else under the new Hitler.There need’s to be a national one day “Freedom From Tyranny work stoppage and the states need to start manning militias!

    • daveveselenak

      Apparent, apparent arrest… what the hell does an actual arrest look like?

  • Harold

    Der; Gestopo in action!

  • Cary

    WTF is that if it is not an ARREST. The kid was put in handcuffs. Police and secret service can take someone out of their home in handcuffs and just check them in to a psych ward?? Didn’t that stop in the 70s against the law and civil rights?? where the F—- is the civil rights group?? Oh!! that’s right, they are working for the LEFT and NWO people… This is an outrage and ANY of us protesters will be taken away in Joe Biden’s CHAINs… i see. This needs to get into the headlines… Where is FOX news and O’Reilly or anybody!

  • Delores109

    Arrest another American citizen illegally, and it will be time to let the Rule of Law handle you. You do everything to encourage an active Revolution, by stirring up all groups of people. Americans are going to the polls. Your scare tactics will no longer work. You were elected in 2008, because you were an adept Con-Artist. Today, you have lost those skills. You are a transparent LIAR who gets his “high” from using scare tactics. You have been Hitlerizing this nation, and we are about to take away your POWER by going to the polls. Do anything to stop this election, and we will know that you knew you couldn’t win. YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED.
    Delores Smith
    [email protected]