Video: Interview with Facebook-posting Marine Veteran: “I am Scared for My Country”

In an interview with Attorney John Whitehead today, Marine Veteran Brandon Raub describes his arrest for his Facebook posts, his incarceration in a psych ward, and the state of the country: “I’m pretty tough, so I rolled with the punches. But it made me scared for my country that a man can be snatched out of his property without being read his rights, I think it should be very alarming to all Americans.” Here’s the interview:

  • Delores109

    Your site is excellent. Thank you for the truthful interview between Brandon J. Raub and Mr. John Whitehead of Rutherford Institute. I watched the video of Brandon’s illegal arrest. Everything Brandon said was accurate. This was an attempt to silence anyone who speaks the TRUTH about Obama, Soros, or any of their bacteria radicals. I watched them slap the handcuffs on Brandon, without reading him his Miranda Rights, and they did not have an Arrest Warrant, showing Probable Cause. Comments that I write state the TRUTH about Obama and George Soros, and I will not be silenced. Anyone who remains silent is a party to their illegal crimes.
    OBAMA AND SOROS: If this happens again to any American, it is to time to convict you and your evil radicals of ACTS OF TREASON. You have done so much to stir up citizens in hopes of creating an Active Revolution. You will not get one. We are going to VOTE. You are underestimating the love that we have for this nation. Brandon, J. Raub, I am sorry for what you were put through. It will not happen again.
    Delores Smith [email protected]

  • Nathan

    Of course this conversation is being directed by his attorney, but based on what you hear, this guy was detained in a mental institution for posting metaphorical statements on Facebook. His freedom today is likely due mostly to his story “going viral” on YouTube and the subsequent involvement of a civil liberties attorney. How many people have been detained and incarcerated we never even hear about? Seems like the Ministry of Truth is alive and well today. Welcome to 1984, folks. Goodbye, 1st amendment. Goodbye, constitution.
    p.s. be careful what you post!

    • A Proud American

      I would like to see this attorney pursue some type of lawsuit to obtain millions from the government for the illegal detainment of Mr. Raub. Not just to reimburse him for the time lost, but for the psychological trauma this episode must have been for him. Somehow, it has to be illegal for the authorities (police, FBI, secret service, and other law enforcement people) to do this to a law abiding citizen. He should be rewarded well for this kind of crap.