Video: Now we’re Al-Qaeda’s allies?! Obama’s foreign policy idiocy continues

This video is worth watching as the local Fox News commentator clearly isn’t spewing the typical “Obama talking points.” Instead, he questions, “Who exactly is the US supporting in Syria?”


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  • Oped

    Obama’s foreign policy: CLONE IRAN!!

  • Richard Brophy

    Oh our leaders … dumb as donkeys.

    • The trouble is that Obama’s gang is not dumb, but rather getting done exactly what they have planned. Their plan is for all the middle east to become one Islamic nation dedicated to the destruction of Israel and all the Western nations. Then Obama sees himself as the great leader of this new Islamic world. Everything that he does is telling us that we can look forward to this unless we stop him in the November election or by force after the election. Obama has never yet done anything to promote any benefit for America. His motive is the destruction of America.

      • cpowell

        absolutely to the point!!

  • gracentruth

    We are so blessed that God is in charge no matter how much we mess up. Peace,

  • cpowell

    when do we stop talking and do something. everyone knows we are past the point of no return….but what the heck is next!>!?!?!

  • marineh2ominer

    Unfortunately for the United States , Obamass knows exactly what he is doing . He is helping build more Islamic Caliphates , and arming them , in Libya he arranged for them to get thousands of missiles and in Syria they will get vast resouces of chemical warfare agents .

  • wethepeople

    If the President is al-qaeda, then US is al-qaeda, unless we can get rid of the false pretender by getting a large boot and kicking him out pronto! His Secretary of state employs an al-qaeda operative, whom everyone is supporting as a non-al-qaeda, including John McCain and the speaker of the house, Boehner the Bonehead. There is so much monkey business going on here that it would be better to fire the whole lot of them and start from scratch. We need a Central Command.

    • The Tea Party is central command vote 2012

  • crescentfang

    Are we forgetting that that the CIA helped put Noriega and Saddam in power and helped Osama to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan?
    Helping the Saudis support Islamic terrorists in Syria is a return to traditional CIA tactics. The problem is that our enemy’s enemy is not necessarily our friend. This kind of approach is less costly of American lives than sending in our own soldiers the way Bush did. Unfortunately, they have a very mixed track record over the long run because we tend to create enemies this way.

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