Video: Obama PAC blames Romney for Woman’s death; CNN says, “not true”

An outrageous ad from an Obama Super PAC states that Romney was the cause of a woman’s death from cancer. Surprisingly, CNN cries foul, labeling the ad “not true.” See it all here.

Photo credit: Cain & Todd Benson

  • Mark

    To my fellow Americans who can’t see the substantial dishonesty of President Obama – few of the Federal politicians are anything you or I would want “to take home” but why would you support a person who blantantly lies to us again & again & again? I would like to understand.

  • If Romney’s defense to the scurrilous attacks claiming he murdered a woman who died seven years after he left Bain,who’s husband kept working for his company for over two years after Romney left Bain,is to have he’s representative say the man’s wife would have had medical coverage if she were ill in Massachusetts (something Oliar can say NOW),why should I make an effort to support such a wuss?His staff and he haven’t a clue as to how to come back at this pathological liar.What kind of skill would Romney have to get things done as President if he’s relying on McCain retreads?Rupert Murdoch is right:the first thing Romney has to do is fire his current staff-may be Trump can get him some of the apprentices he’s fired. With Romney at the helm we lose.How much is the air fare to Australia?