Video: Obama-Planned Parenthood Protester Spits on Romney Supporter

An Obama protester, after asking a question about Planned Parenthood and indicating her support for taxpayer-funded abortion, spits on a Romney supporter at about :25 of this video.

  • marineh2ominer

    This is ALWAYS the progressives answer to decency and morality , expect no less from those called DEMONRATS .

  • Larry

    I saw 2016 last night and it is so true, and we need to get this message out! I can’t see why people feel others need to pay for their abortion activites. Like no one is paying for my $3000 per shot arthritus medication. If obaumercare wasin effect now I would be dead because they would have refused to do the surgery and dna testing which found a bacteria placed in my head from a previous blood contustion moving my brain to one side of my head. I am fine but would no be if Obummer has his way!!!!!!!, I am 70 years old.