Video: Pat Robertson’s advice – “don’t adopt children”

While discussing a question about adoption on the 700 Club last week, Pat Robertson disagreed with his co-host and stated that women should not adopt children and “take on someone else’s problems.” He notes that children may be sexually molested or abused in other ways prior to the adoption. At the end of the segment, however, Robertson realizes he stepped in it and admits, “OK, I’m in trouble.”

Here’s a transcript of Pat Robertson’s comments:

A man doesn’t want to take on the United Nations, and a woman has all these various children, blended family, what is it – you don’t know what problems there are. I’m serious. I’ve got a dear friend, an adopted son, a little kid from an orphanage down in Columbia. Child had brain damage, grew up weird. And you just never know what’s been done to a child before you get that child. What kind of sexual abuse has been, what kind of cruelty, what kind of food deprivation, etc. etc. “You don’t have to take on somebody else’s problems. You really don’t. You can help people – we minister to orphans all over the world, we love helping people. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m going to take all the orphans around the world into my home.

  • I feel sorry for the children, but I do not feel that they should be adopted by anyone but those in their society. They need to be well loved, but they also need to know their societal mores and their birthrights, so to speak! I know all you adoptive parents will be extremely angry with me, but are you teaching your child your history or theirs?

  • gracentruth

    Pat has a valid point. I have seen the heartache. Tough decision. Pray and then do what God tells you. Peace,

  • pretty weird for Pat Robertson to say that. Adoption is a spiritual thing. Using Pat’s logic, women shouldn’t have THEIR OWN CHILDREN – think of all the headaches !!!

    I watch The 700 Club regularly and it’s a staple of my life, but Pat does answer many questions flippantly. Good chance this will be on Drudge soon, if it’s not there already.

  • Dan

    This man is one evil person.

  • CSN

    Yes, I know many of these children have been sexually molested, but the Grace of God is bigger and stronger than all the problems they can encounter, and if someone has the heart to help them fix those problems, then God’s Grace will be with them and the poor child who needs someone to love them.

  • Shannon

    Those who say that children should only be adopted by those within their own society reveal a great ignorance of society worldwide. We spent weeks in Eastern Europe this year, and have just returned home again after completing the adoption of 2 small children. They are not adoptable in their society, along with the majority of the other 160 million + orphans worldwide – they are in poor countries with little to no access to resources to help, heal, educate or raise them. The argument about keeping them in their own society is an argument for keeping them destined for a life of crime, sex trafficking, or lifelong institutionalism. Please educate yourself before criticising those who have risked much to give these children a good future.