Video: Attorney says psychiatrist threatened to brainwash Marine vet Raub with psychotropic meds

This is a great interview where Glen Beck talks to Brandon Raub’s attorney, John Whitehead. Both Glen Beck and Whitehead state that they’ve been “getting calls from everybody,” including veterans’ organizations, reporting law enforcement harassment of war veterans. In Raub’s case, not only was he involuntarily committed due to this harassment, but also a psychiatrist threatened to forcibly medicate him. Whitehead reports that he is preparing a lawsuit against the government due to this outrageous violation of Raub’s rights.

  • CSN

    It would be interesting to chronicle all of these individuals who are being threatened by our think-speak Government system, which is now closer to Communist/Socialist Russia than the USA. I wonder how many people who are medicated do things against their will. If anyone knows how these medications work, they should read Cardinal Mindszenty’s note before they arrested him, “that they were not to believe anything he wrote after he was apprehended, even if it was with his own hand, since they would use drugs to make him say or do whatever they wanted him to do.” It can be done, and it is done. Some believe Holmes was medicated to do what he did. Time will tell. He seems to be under medication every time he is seen in the courtroom, and everyone knows if he was on drugs before the shooting, they would have worn off by now.