Video: Sen. Harry Reid Is a “Dirty Liar,” says RNC Chair Priebus

Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus called Sen. Harry Reid a “dirty liar” this morning on “This Week” for accusing presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney of not paying taxes.

Reid, the Democratic Senate Majority Leader from Nevada, said in an interview with the Huffington Post last month that, according to a source that called his office, Mitt Romney did not pay taxes for ten years. The accusation was strongly denounced by Romney, who said it was false and that Reid needed to “put up or shut up.” Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts has been under intense pressure by Democrats and even some in the GOP to release more tax returns.


Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

  • SammysDad

    It’s about time! Reid is a liar and a cheat and a detriment to America. Stephan-useless is a water carrying bozo for the democrats as well.

  • tommyboy

    George steph. is a democrat shill. Harry reid and his son belongs in jail. Where and how did he become so wealthy? He’s only a senator and although the make too much he surely didn’t make it on his salary alone.I know a guy who told me that harry is a no good theif.

  • lisa

    finally!! calls it like we see it. harry is disgusting and has not done his job in 3 years! lets go romney, get tough and talk about YOUR record!!!

    • CSN

      If Romney goes on his record, he’ll lose, quite simple. He speaks from both sides of his mouth….look up his record.

      • Harold

        How much do idiots get for making these statements?

  • Barry_Suxx

    Reid, you’re the Classic Hood Ornament example of what kind of lying filth and corruption adopted as a Standard from the demoRat party. Let’s talk about all the kickbacks you get from the mob and unions; after all, The Word Is Out that these Dark Forces are responsible for keeping you in office. (everyone knows you’re nothing more than toilet scum)

  • CSN

    We already know Reid is a liar and a lot more, but why do we have to have an RNC leader whose name sounds like it is a another name spelled backward?

    • ginger

      Stick to the issue…perhaps someone could take issue with Your name…so what.? the issue is that Harry Reid IS a liar and no apoligies need from those who say it…the truth is the truth..something Reid knows nothing about.

      • CSN

        LOL….the part about Priebus was meant to be a joke…sorry you didn’t catch it…the name doesn’t sound like a name though. It sounds like a Latin name but rather Pig Latin. Can’t help it. I’m a constitutional conservative. If anyone thinks Romney is a straight arrow, they haven’t looked up his record. He’s for squashing gun rights, he’s not really for one man and one woman marriage, just made that clear to the public, he’s never been Pro-Life, and he’s a Globalist, and has twisted his stories about what he believes so much and so often, one would be very inclined to say that they don’t know what he REALLY STANDS FOR! If you look at his Platform on his 2012 Romney for President Page, the guy really doesn’t support anything. Obama is the chosen one. This entire problem stinks to high Heavens. We need a miracle to put someone decent in the Office of President of the United States.

        • ginger

          Sorry if I took it the wrong way…but , with all his flaws, he is still safer and better for America than obama and his marxist, racist, lying agenda.

        • GeneralSpecific

          That miracle will have to be electing Romney, warts and all, and then having the stones and diligence to call him and all politicians out when they stray from American values and common sense. It’s not a one-shot and done deal. Everyone needs to realize that we’re here because too many Americans failed to hold their feet to the fire in the past. This is one LAST chance to claw back to where we should have been if we had done our jobs as vigilant citizens. Politicians should be viewed as inherently untrustworthy beings, and only rewarded when they back up words with righteous actions. Most importantly, we need to pay more attention to local candidates and elections. This is the first line of vetting that is missed by people who cannot be bothered to scrutinize or even vote on a local level. It’s a pain in the rear, but so is a recession that could have been turned around long before now. Idealism is for liberal useful idiots. Pragmatism is far less fun, but far more effective. If you think Romney and Obama are equally bad, then I’m wasting my time, as the differences between two presidential candidates’ views of America have never been more starkly discordant. One gives a damn about America, and one has nothing but disdain for it.

          • CSN

            What part of Damn do you suppose Romney cares about? He certainly doesn’t care if the Federal Reserve is out of control and cannot account for $9,000,000,000.00 (look it up on Youtube). He doesn’t care about Big Government takeover of our Healthcare System…remember…he invented Obamacare..he helped Obama put it together…(look it up on youtube also). He also banned the use of semi-automatic weapons in Mass. He said he is for marriage between one man and one woman, but did otherwise as Governor of Mass., and just recently would not support Mr. Cathy and the Chick-Fil-A controversy, saying it’s not part of his campaign (you call that giving a damn?). He also said he was for a woman’s right to choose, but now he said he’s changed his mind????? Really???? He speaks with forked tongue. Obama is a Marxist/Communist, but BOTH OF THEM ARE GLOBALISTS, which will end the Sovereignty of America as we now know it. Pass the Global will you?

          • GeneralSpecific

            Like I said, if you can’t see a difference between them I’m wasting my time. You have 2 real choices – pick one, or not.

          • CSN

            Pick one or not….perhaps I’ll pick NOT, but he picked a great VP, so I’m hoping something will stop Romney from running like a lightning bolt from nowhere (Just Kidding of course), and Paul Ryan becomes our President. Did you notice when Romney introduced Paul Ryan he said: “Here is the NEXT PRESIDENT of the United States of Amercia!” I nearly died…it was almost prophetic because he didn’t notice what he had done until quite a few minutes later. Perhaps there is something written in the stars about this…like God’s intervention for the sake of the elect. I cannot say for certain, but love Paul Ryan, so I just MIGHT vote for a Ryan/Romney ticket, or a Ryan/Paul Ticket which would make me invariably rather ecstatic and happy.

          • GeneralSpecific

            I was also very happy to hear of his VP pick. I hope Ryan stays up his arse sideways, and keeps him from going koo-koo for lefty-puffs. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’re going to flip the ticket. Have a good one.

  • I hope the blind liberals from his district that reelected this Bozo the last time get to see and hear this. They are among the hardest hit by this recession that started with him, Barney Frank, and Nancy Pelosi. They must be Gluttons for punishment. One more thing, poor people, food stamp and welfare recipients don’t create jobs but are damn good lottery contributors. That was for the “Tax the rich” Jerks like them.

  • Of course he’s a dirty liar…he’s in politics.

  • here we go again….same invariant ass wipe of phlegmocrat v gopster….when in fact both parties suck elephant wind—A DEADLY POX ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO THE INNOCENT….TO THE WORLD …TO OUR CONSTITUTION

  • gracentruth

    There is an old saying, “It takes one to know one.” Amen

  • marineh2ominer

    How is this news ? All DEMONRATS are liars 24 / 7 , I believe this is a requirement to be one of them . Honor , morality , and integrity are poison to those misfits .

  • gigi

    So you would rather vote for the communist, racist Obama. Sorry, I’ll take my chances with Romney.
    By the way, did you know he did not accept a paycheck while he was Governor of Massachusetts? That’s right.
    I just heard today neither is Rick Scott of Florida, he is also not being paid for being a Governor.
    I believe Harry Reid is getting a paycheck and a very hefty one paid by us, the taxpayers.