Video: RNC Chair Reince Priebus – GOP Won’t Give Akin Anything Even if He’s Tied

Despite a growing grassroots rebellion over the Akin senate race in Missouri, Reince Priebus is adamant that the senate candidate will get no help from the GOP, even if he matches Sen. McCaskill in the polls.

  • CSN

    They are Crucifying Akin because of his 100% Pro-Life stand…don’t think it is anything less than that! The PTB who control the Republican Party Platform, want that Platform to include Abortion: In case of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother”. In other words…the real Republican Platform means…we accept Abortion, but don’t let any know that only 0.;8% of women get pregnant who are raped (a goodly number are murdered), that the chances of a Mother dying from Childbirth are practically non-existent, and that Incest generally doesn’t produce an offspring (due to close degree of Consanguinity). This type of rhetoric keeps Abortion alive in America. I am of the opinion that the Democrat and Republican parties are just two different sides of the same coin. No one has eradicated Abortion in America, because they don’t want to do that. They have the Margaret Sanger attitude, who is the Mother of Abortion in American through Planned Barrenhood, and the reason is to exterminate the minorities or the less perfect in our society. The Elite control this country, and the rest of us are just considered “Worthless Eaters”.

  • I lost some respect for the republican party. I think they wanted to counter O’s defense of every liberal or democrat, giving them a pass on everything. Didn’t they give Clinton a pass for having sex and I don’t care how you define it, right in the White House, which to be was unforgiveable.
    I kept hearing about the outrage of Akin and after I heard the remark, I couldn’t believe the outrage over it.

  • Popo2

    And this is why one has to realize that the establishment GOP still hasn’t a clue, in spite of the 2010 mid-term results. It’s obviously going to take one housecleaning after the other to reinforce the message.

  • Bullhead1

    What an arrogant arce

  • GENE

    Priebus is no better than the other cronies and thieves in the GOP AND dems. Instead of trying to do Akin in, the GOP NEEDS to support him. So he made a big mouth blunder – look at the loser boehner how many he makes daily and then starts to cry. Give us a break and all the dirty politicians best wake up, as the American People need to do, and work to make America great again. Or, are they just going to keep up their stupid ideas and attacks in place – if that is so – get ready for another four years of the imposter and ruination of our America.