Video: Rules Forced Through By Boehner in Tampa Would Prevent a Reagan Presidency Today

The game play at the GOP Convention in Tampa has far-reaching implications for the future. Watch this news report on the little-known impacts of yesterday’s sham vote:

  • gracentruth

    GOP has self-terminated. God is still alive. Peace,

  • CSN

    Devils incarnate run the GOP! They want to destroy the Tea Party. Guess what…they just lost the election.

    • WVF

      CSN, I agree that the GOP has too many elitists and RINOs in the Party, but you and I had better hope that Romney wins in November, because if he doesn’t, it is quite doubtful that we will have a need for a third party, because we won’t have an America!

      • siteunseen

        If by disenfranchising so many delegates, the GOP would lose their vote in November, then why did they do it? I’m voting republican ONLY because we have no choice. Be that as it may be, the GOP sunk their own ship! Those delegates were needed to strengthen the GOP and bring in the independents, but no, the GOP is run by Rove and the RINO”s and they’d rather see this country sunk than their gravy train taken away.

        • WVF

          siteunseen, unfortunately, I must agree with you.  I, too, am voting Republican only because I have no choice.  Mitt Romney was not my first choice, but I would vote for a pile of camel dung before I would vote for the fraud in chief.

  • MrChicken

    Gracentruth: This is disconcerting to say the least. But lets not abandon hope or the party. To do so, means that Socialism wins and you will get what you deserve. Rather, lets work to get this changed.

  • Ron

    OK lets do this Vote Romney in as president , kick Obama out of the white hose and save America this time . In 4 years lets see how things are and what kind of a job Romney has done . See who wants to do what Romney didn’t do and lets get behind the Tea Party candidate and redo the white house again in 4 years if needed . Kick out the progressives in congress and Boehner must go when his term is up. . Ohio needs to kick him out. I live in Ohio but not in his district .

  • GENE

    Boehner is the worst and a huge crook. November – put his butt under the bus and drag him back to Ohio.

  • GENE

    The Tea Party is being discrimated against once more. Why is boehner and the rest of the 535 losers and crooks so deathly afraid of the Tea Party????? There are many many good people in the Tea Party and there are good ones wanting to serve the USA IN dc. Come November we need a complete remantling of the beltway bandits and ESPECIALLY obama put out and then arrested for treason against our great country.

  • Larry Rosner

    No doubt that Both parties are completely corrupt. Expect
    nothing else.

    Parties and factions break a Representative
    Republic. They take away all individual and local community

    The only way to guarantee that we restore our Country is to drive the CARR
    through Congress.

  • Miranda ROller

    Holy Moly. This was a great description of what happened. I’ve been hearing rumors, but now I finally “get it”. Boehner needs to go! I’ve not liked him since he took over the house speaker role, but this stunt is enough to oust him for. This is garbage. I’m a registered republican and I actually like the Romney/Ryan ticket, but the establishment better beware that there are a lot of us looking to a third party very soon if they don’t stop trying to suppress the conservatives among us.

  • valeryane

    This will force a third party!

  • WVF

    John Boehner, needs to retire! He’s screwed the American people enough!