Video: Savage hits Biden, DHS Ammo, Skinning Whites, Russian subs in the Gulf of Mexico

In this clip, Michael Savage covers most of the major stories hitting the blogosphere over the last 48 hours. Savage’s discussion relating to the federal government’s recent purchase of hundreds of millions of rounds of hollow point ammo is particularly interesting.


  • marineh2ominer

    The ” SAVAGE NATION ” , now a radio talk show , will soon be a reality in this nation if this criminal communist administration remains in power by any means whatsoever after this next election . I think they have plans to stay whether they are re-elected or not , and all that ammunition is to take care of those that object or resist . If you arm everyone in federal employment from homeland security , the TSA , all the federal law enforcement agencies , etc: etc : etc , even if some of the real constitution respecting people decline to follow illegal orders , there will still be enough to ravage the nation , especially if the Military does not step up or even worse , follow the same illegal orders .

  • Barry_Suxx

    As I watch this all unfold, I see the ruthlessness of this dictatorial creature more clearly than ever before. He plans to Stay In-Control of Power No Matter What. (that means: No matter What happens to this Country and to its Citizens). He will NEVER concede his Grip of Authoritarian Power.
    He has to do but ONE thing now: Declare Martial Law, and it’s ‘Over’; or should I say, it’s the Beginning of the End for Us. Earlier this year he quietly penned one of his Executive Orders “Owning Everything in the event of Martial Law” (check the records). Believe me, and use a little plain Logic: He will have NO compunction in hiring millions of Chinese Soldiers to Back Him Up, even if our own troops won’t.