Video: The most vile ad in the history of television?

Reflecting the accelerating moral implosion of the nation, Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company attempts to sell Skittles candy using a disgusting ad suggesting bestiality. This follows the Obama administration’s refusal yesterday to say whether it opposes polygamy.

  • mikecnj

    That’s just gross.

  • annie1945

    That’s just plain nuts.

  • Lawrence Zucal

    You HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING! What the h*ll is this country coming to???? I have never seen anything so gross and stupid as this ad. I don’t know who sold this ad to the company, but he should be fired immediately! And, I cannot understand how a CEO would agree to this – he should also be fired!

  • joebeckmann

    Why should Obama oppose Mitt Romney’s grandparents?

    • RescueKyron

      Hey Beckmann, more detour signs? Here’s one. A straw broke the camel’s back.

  • Bruce Belligan

    Omg. I gagged.

  • toomuchsense

    No skittles for my family. None for trick or treat.

  • valeryane

    I don’t know just how lower marketing can get. And Skittles, I’ve never heard so much about them before Treyvon lost his life. Isn’t that what he was eating?

  • swamprat1937

    Really disgusting. Skittles needs to fire their advertising company.

    • RescueKyron

      A prime example of the commentary of the cultists who will twist and escape blame, and a prime example of the destruction of our country. It’s over, swamprat1937. The jig is up. Americans just might rouse and take care of these things.

  • Darrell Lynch

    My God, this is sick and depraved! I used to like Skittles, but it’ll be a very cold day in hell, before I’ll eat that trash, again.

    • RescueKyron

      There is a misconception here. If you have ever spent many days in the highest upper east coast states without electricity or heat, you are blessed. You learned quickly that hell is NOT hot. Hell is COLD. VERY VERY COLD.

  • NOW…do you understand why people say trash your TV….why do you think they call it the dope scope?

    • RescueKyron

      It’s stupida*sed Americans who are the dope scoopers.

  • The same Madison Ave drecksters who market Skittles are the ones who packaged Obama to the masses.

  • notice the rainbow component of Skittles. I could be wrong, but I doubt that the CEO of Skittles will be eating at Chick Fil ‘A anytime soon.

  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    and which groups use the rainbow as a symbol- bho and which others?!!!
    rhetorical -question- no need to answer…

    • Bojorco

      It’s a stupid question. You make no point whatsoever with it. There’s no connection. You just want there to be so you can bemoan it.

  • Abouna R.

    It is now official, the United States of America is far beyond redemption. We are finished morally, spiritually and, soon, physically.

    • RescueKyron

      Yeah, go back to bed. America doesn’t need more of you wimps.

  • 48rulzem

    Do adults eat that crap? I say let’s never buy another bag of that fag candy again. Yes, I said ‘fag’…..oooohhhhhhh how the homos are swarming like bees now! Well, I guess you wierdo loser gay folks are starting to see that there are many, many folks who oppose your dysfunctional lifestyle, and are now willing to take a stand, hooray for the normal people!

    • RescueKyron

      God called them Sodomites and destroyed the territory they had taken over, along with the Sodomites in it.

  • Julie

    Gross and hard to watch.

    • RescueKyron

      Hard to watch? Well flip the channels, boopie. Haven’t you soaked that in yet? For years “they” have been defending their evil on tv by laughing at you and replying Just Change The Channels if you don’t like it. I SAY WE DON’T LIKE IT AND THEY CAN GO TO H*LL.

  • Al

    Why so shocking? They took over while you slept.

    • RescueKyron

      and Americans just roll over and go back to sleep.

  • Brian D

    A full out Boycott on ALL Wrigleys products is surely due. Run them out of Business and out of this Country. Damn tired of these Sick ____.

    • RescueKyron

      You lose again. You’ve lost the power of boycott in most markets. They want to close, and will transfer their trash to another gum machine, one that they created and have been working to close Wrigley (an AMERICAN company… ug how they hate that) so they can get all kinds of government money and wipe it from the country. Going Global it’s called. “Wrigley” is NOT the problem. It’s US letting the cult get the absolute stranglehold our our country and being too sh*tas*ed COWARDLY to speak out and stop them. TRY TAKING THE GARBAGE OUT BY VOTING FOR AMERICANS WHO BELONG TO THE SAME BELIEF SYSTEM THAT ESTABLISHED THIS COUNTRY… or just keep being sick and keep turning your kids over the the FEDERAL BUREAU of EDUCATION… because you don’t have the guts to take ED back from the FED and give it to the STATES where citizens, parents, families, had control over what their kids were being taught and by whom. It’s way past time for Americans to stand and FIGHT.

  • Shortpop

    Barf-a Roni the San Francisco treat! Aaggghhhh.

  • Gizmo

    Even candy & chewing gum… Another iconic company turns away from the standards, morals & ideals that brought in the freedoms for its founder to excel in business, only to see lewdness being used to sell their products. Is it really THAT hard to come up with cute, entertaining catchy ads without gross sexuality, let alone bestiality? Did anyone see the other Skittles ad listed with this one titled “best skittles ad”? It’s even worse…These are sick people…
    Wriggly is rolling over in his grave!
    May these guys be brought to shame & humiliation for this activity

    • RescueKyron

      It’s easy to find out what group is actively destroying the USA and why. Do a bit of research going back past the most current Wrigley head of the company to the ones toward the end and certainly the one that sold out. The destroyers had invaded through accounting, marketing, advertising and chewing gum FORMULA and destroyed the chewing gum flavor so the ones the invaders had their money on could grab market share. Without destroying the formula they didn’t stand a chance of destroying Wrigley. Once sales lost to new “gums” it was an easy buy out. One wonders also what they had on the Wrigley owners. Anyway, here’s proof if you ever needed more, that we have been invaded by a cult that wants to take over our country, destroy our Constitution and founding, and use us as slaves for their own lil’ evil works. They are timing this with your kids returning to the evil teachers who flirt and have sex with students, and to the ignorant text books that underline sexual perversion. It’s not so much that these people are evil, it is that Americans are fat and lazy and ignorant, selfish and cruel creatures now, good for slave pens. Stay in line, mom & pop! Bet none of you have an idea about stopping this anymore than you have a clue about the ABC network news online report about the enormous pedophile international circuitry that was just “uncovered” (ha) with videos of rape of 19 DAY OLD BABY, Torture and rape of babies through toddlers, one video of a 2 yr old hugging a Mifi doll while being tortured and raped. You know Mifi, the cute little stuffed toy with X’s for eyes, and is in cartoons on tv or on dvd’s parents buy and kids love. The biggie is the new step in roasting and eating children. One video of a little one in a roasting pan in an oven. Yummm. Conversations were about how good one baby’s butt would be to eat. There was one Florida guy who was a puppeteer for childrens’ parties who was big on that circuit. Where’s the RAGE, Americans? Any ideas what to do, Americans? The actresses who participated in that commercial are products of their evil greed and desire for fame, and willingness to be whatever kind of whoring is necessary to get their money. You can look at any magazine stand waiting in the grocery checkout or in the rack at the pharmacy and see all the female products pushing whoring. God Bless America? I think not. Go ahead and vote for Zero and get your mark, or Willing WIllard the Wizard and hear his females voice echo WE’VE TOLD YOU ENOUGH, WE’VE TOLD YOU ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW. Now there is another B waiting to take everything that’s left from you. BUY SKITTLES!!!

  • That is disgusting on so many levels. Notice what it says about the less attractive female in the ad. There was never any danger of me buying Skittles, but now I also will not buy any other Wrigley products. Thank goodness they sold the Cubs!

    • Jenson D’anshalla

      You need to get a life. It is an advert, it neither promotes bestiality or says anything about the other female. You see what you want to see. Just like you see another make believe ad with a male ejaculating skittles, what you should be seeing is the humour..
      Kids kiss cuddly toys, adults kiss pets. According to you every one of those people is going to hell for bestiality.

  • I just viewed another Skittles commercial and it made the one with the Walrus look like Sunday school by comparison. As I remember it, Skittles is a kids’ candy. How could any caring parent buy a product with simulated bestiality and simulated sex in the missionary position ads (where the man ejaculates Skittles!!)? The latter ad should be cause for incarceration of whomever created it, and whomever okayed its use.

  • yuck. definitely an “un-ad” for skittles.

  • that is disgusting! the idiot who a) thought this was a good idea should be fired…b) the idiot that bought it and c) the idiot that let it on television…disgusting…no more skittles for me or my kids!

  • Calm Down People

    I’m having trouble connecting a silly spot about kissing a walrus and the Obama adminstration’s stance on polygamy.

  • Jpct50

    The inmates are running the assylum!

  • Azael

    Funny these are the same comments people made about same sex relationships. Maybe beastiality is the new wave of the future and humans will be fighting with the government to legally recognize their unions to their dogs, cats, horses, etc. This is how the idea is introduced and little by little the public become desensitized and accepting.

  • Jeff Weston

    Hi Joe! This advertisement, targeted at teens with a sense of humor, is successful partly because it has alienated you – someone who is far removed from its audience. The fact that you and most of your audience are offended by it enough to actually refer to it as the “most vial ad in the history of television” (um, perhaps a bit of an exaggeration?) strengthens its effectiveness with teens who want nothing in common with your “grownup” views of life.

    Skittles, thanks to its stellar advertising, is a very successful brand for the same reasons that rock and roll and mini-skirts are – because parents hate them. And the more you publish opinion pieces like this one, the happier the brand will be.

    Also, I bet you’re a lot of fun at parties.

  • artyoh

    The skittles ad is bizarre and surreal, but probably effective with its’ target demographic. The Ragu commercial is very creative, if a bit salacious, but it isn’t the least bit explicit………..of all the things people have to get worked up about, this is waaaay down the list. Lighten up, people!

  • What are skittles?

  • CSN

    I don’t eat skittles but this advertisement is gross. I don’t watch TV, so I’m immune from looking at this garbage. TV has become the human garbage can of rank/skank ideals.

  • Get that crap off the air